No MS Word in Works 8.0

  The Belarussian Mafia 20:56 07 Mar 2005

I felt a bit cheated when I paid £20 for MS Works for the sole reason that I need MS Word - only to find a simplified version included that apparently formats docs such that they do not always open correctly in Word (or vice-versa). I've just discovered that I needed to buy MS Works S u i t e to get Word proper. Has this always been the case or is Bill trying to carve out new market segments?...

  bremner 21:29 07 Mar 2005


Word on its own is about £150 so you have absolutely no hope of getting it for £20!!!!!

  shizzy 21:30 07 Mar 2005

Think it has always been this way.

  Fellsider 09:31 08 Mar 2005

a simplified version included that apparently formats docs such that they do not always open correctly in Word.

I have used both and providing that I save works docs as word docs (.doc) I don't have a problem.

Likewise, had no probs opening works docs in Word

  Pesala 11:25 08 Mar 2005

Apart from Open Office click here there are other alternatives. If all you need is basic wordprocessing with spell-check, Jarte click here is a step up from Wordpad, and can also save documents in Word 6.0 for Windows or Rich Text Format.

If you need graphics, tables, etc., as well as paragraph styles, simple mail merge, and full text formatting power, try Serif Page Plus SE from click here

You may never need to use Word again. I only use Open Office when people send me Word documents that Wordpad cannot open.

BTW. This is what it says about Works 8.0:

Collaborate with ease - Works 8 lets you read and edit Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, so it's easy to exchange files and collaborate with friends and family.

  €dstowe 13:45 08 Mar 2005

Follower Pesala's recommendation and get Open Office. An excellent program fully compatible with MS Word and, best of all, it's free.

  bfoc 14:48 08 Mar 2005

Ms Works did not contain Word.

Then (I think around 2000) Works Suite was produced which included Word and Encarta and Money.

What actually happened then was stuff was added to Works to produce the suite.

So Ms Works has never contained Word.

  The Belarussian Mafia 19:28 08 Mar 2005

Fellsider - its good to hear that you've not had problems with opening files. It was this review click here
that gave me concerns (find: 'conversion woes' on this page). The reason this is an issue is that on occasion I need to email Word docs to others for academic or work-related purposes, and I may receive Word docs back. Still I did recently load OpenOffice in order to view some Powerpoint files, so that might prove useful in this context too, as long as formatting doesn't change.

(I'm all for avoiding MS software where possible, due to the extortionate prices - Serif PagePlus is an exellent cheap replacement for MS Publisher, for example.)

When I bought my previous PC it came with Word 2000 already installed - I just never suspected that the fact it came as part of Works 'Suite' meant the wordprocessor was better than what comes with Works per se.

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