No light relief allowed?

  Steven135 00:59 14 Jun 2004

I Think I know the answer before I ask the question but I just wonder why it's necessary to pull a thread (just one thread in thousands) on England and an important national sporting event (I am not a fan and go to bed content with a whitewash over New Zealand).

I know the rules regarding editorial prerogative and not having to explain actions and this is a PC help forum etc. But I buy the PCA magazine for a measure of entertainment as well as information (lots of articles are written with a wry sense of humour and a lightness of touch) besides my work PC's are an enjoyable hobby what harm then in the very occasional acknowledgment that other things are happening in the world.

Or is this forum to be completely and utterly always and only without deviation all about PC's and their many foibles.

I have been a member since very near the beginning and don't remember things being so very strictly regulated.

Having said all this I would not like to see the inane babble that is the common fair on most forums but that is hardly likely to happen.

I also know this is site is free, fantastic and I can take a walk if I don't like it etc. etc. But must we be quite so poe faced.

I am assuming the thread was pulled since I can't find it if not then I will look very silly.

  Forum Editor 01:59 14 Jun 2004

not for that reason at any rate.

I pulled the thread (and locked another) because experience has taught me that to allow one will inevitably mean allowing others - and therein lies the rub.Your comment that 'inane babble' is hardly likely to happen is misplaced I'm afraid - that's exactly what happens when these threads are permitted, as I know only too well.

Believe it or not, many people don't like football, or smutty humour (the other common 'light-relief' subject), and we receive lots of complaints via email when these threads appear. The fact that you've been a member for a long time should have made you aware of our policy regarding such threads in Helproom and Consumerwatch - we haven't varied it since the beginning, although there have been forum areas that allowed for more general discussions in the past.

We think we're right to regulate the content in the way we do - and the feedback that we get from members has (so far) confirmed that view. We don't plan any policy changes I'm afraid - we'll stick to being a computer help forum and let others run the general chat variety. Non of them (that I've seen) have anything remotely approaching our membership, so we must be doing something right.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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