No guarantee with Ebuyer?

  Coaster3 20:14 17 Mar 2003

I have been a long time supporter of Ebuyer and have bought many items from them. However, one of three Canon S100 printers I have purchased from them has gone wrong within a few months of purchase and they are refering me to Canon.

I have emailed them saying that, as I purchased the printer from them, I expect them to deal with it.

Has anyone else had this sort of treatment?

I am not impressed!

  AMD 4 ever 20:51 17 Mar 2003

ebuyer great prices awful after sales and customer services...So shoddy.
I refuse to buy of them now as they are so hard to get a reply or response or send an item back it is a joke. It took 10 days for a reply to my e-note once...not good enough so my purchases are elsewhere but c/services are excellent...what would you rather have? me pay a little more for a better service!

  Coaster3 21:06 17 Mar 2003

Reply from ebuyer: 'Thank you for your email to Ebuyer. Do not reply to this message - this is an automated reply. The email address [email protected] is no longer available.'

  Blitzer 21:31 17 Mar 2003

Hmmm, a little worrying. I've just placed an order with them - thankfully only for consumable items.

Mind you I had a similar problem with Dabs - totally useless when it came to dealing with some faulty hardware they sold me. Basically I'd bought a motherboard, processor (inc fan) memory, GFX card and a power supply. Installed it all but it just would not run properly - tried numerous things but ended up giving up with Dabs and trying to get the matter resolved. The most fun I had with the above hardware was breaking it into small pieces in frustration! :(

Looks like it might be worth just buying from a local computer store in future. :(

  Kyomii 21:52 17 Mar 2003

A lot of the pc/hardware suppliers are taking this move recently.

I think PCworld or Dixons have also started this as someone who purchased a pc recently was directed to the manufacturer, not the supplier in the event of fault.

Also, a Proview TFT I bought from Dixons about 12 months ago developed a fault after a couple of months - I was told to ring proview direct since a change in company policy meant that they (the supplier) had no dealings in the event of complaint.

Have to commend Proview though on excellence, within less than 24 hours a new TFT was right at my door and old one collected.

  medicine hat 22:04 17 Mar 2003

AS you have finally joined the list of people having to return items to Ebuyer, the returns policy is:

Return Policy
Ebuyer’s return policy has been created to keep our costs down but also provide World Class service and to make the process easy for you. Please follow the procedures listed below when returning products to us:
All returns must have a valid Return Merchandise Authorization number ( RMA#). All RMA’s must be received within 10 days of the RMA issue date.
Returns will take approximately 10 business days for your return to be processed once it has arrived at the warehouse.
Items must be in original packaging, in all original boxes, packing materials, manuals, blank warranty cards and all other accessories and documentation provided by the manufacturer.
We strongly recommend that you fully insure your package that you are returning. We suggest the use of a carrier that can provide you a “ proof of delivery”. Ebuyer will not be liable for items lost or damaged in transit.
All shipping back to Ebuyer is paid for by the customer. Please ensure that the box has your RMA # clearly marked on the outside of the package.
Any RMA returned found not to be defective may incur a return freight charge, this will be charged to the credit card last charged on your order.
Types of Products and Conditions of the Return
Most Non-Clearance items may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of your product’s shipping date. Please see Orders under Account for shipping date. After 30 days, all returns must be returned to the manufacturer. Also, Please see “ Important exceptions to our Returns Policy
All Clearance products may be returned only when defective and within 14 days of the ship date of the product.
Consumables like Toner, Ink Cartridges, drum and paper are not returnable if the factory seal has been broken. These products must be directly sent to the manufacturer.
Opened Laser Printers, Inkjet printers, and fax machines may be exchanged within 30 days of your shipping date (14 days for Clearance products) for the same item only. No refunds will be issued.
Software that is not defective and open can not be returned for any circumstance.
Discontinued or end of life products can only be returned for repair. No refunds or exchanges will be made.
If you request a replacement, we will ship your replacement after we receive and process your returned product. If you need the direct replacement immediately, we recommend you request a refund (rather than a replacement) when you obtain your RMA number. The new order will ship in our normal shipping process and the credit will be applied within 10-15 days after receipt of the product.

click here

  davidg_richmond 01:05 18 Mar 2003

many printer manufacturers prefer to deal with the products themselves - most retailers will have the same guarantee arrangement as eBuyer. these are retailers who buy directly from the printer manufacturer. it is often impossible for the retailer to get the manufacturer to accept faulty goods back unless they have dealt with the customer themselves. its a very strange situation but it can also be beneficial for the customer.

under law the retailer is the one responsible but it is also reasonable to allow the manufacturer to provide support - if you don't accept this then the alternative is to send the goods back to the retailer for repair, they have to send it back to the manufacturer and your repair time is increased. the better alternative is to get the retailer to contact the manufacturer on your behalf to arrange collection but this isn't so easy to do - especially with the fiasco that email support often involves. best try this line if you have problems contacting the manufacturer.

  Coaster3 17:43 20 Mar 2003

To save time and trouble I am going to contact Canon. Ebuyer have totally refused to discuss the matter even though they are legally liable.

They have lost a good customer as I spent several thousands of pounds with them in the past and would probably have spent the same in the future.

I will not be shopping with them again.

  davidg_richmond 00:19 21 Mar 2003

coaster3 - i understand your frustration with them but they are only going by what most retailers will do with a printer, you could easily find that your next retailer has exactly the same policy.

best ask what the returns/repair policy is going to be for each item you buy if you are concerned. but in the end, does it matter who you actually contact to get your kit fixed? is it not better to deal with the makers of the gear than a box-shifting retailer?

  Goldcroft 08:20 21 Mar 2003

Same thing happened in this thread, but with a monitor. Don't see how vendors can get away with this practice in law. If you took anything back to a highstreet shop, they would deal with such problems without hassle. What makes e companies so different? Perhaps it is the fact that we can't go round to them in person and attempt to throttle the salesman.

Multivision said i have to contact iiyama?????? - posted by SpyMan²°°­­³ on Tue, 18.02.2003

  Goldcroft 08:29 21 Mar 2003

Davidg_Richmond: I think it does matter. As I understand it you have the right under the Sale of Goods Act to go back to the seller for redress. After all, you haven't bought the printer or whatever from the manufacturer, the retailer did that and then sold it to you. The big question is: where does it end. A computer company makes nothing. It is an assembler of items it buys in. I for one do not want to be referred to some Taiwanese company to deal with a faulty item. For if we accept such retailer policies that will be where it ends up.

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