No goods and no refund from Aria Technology

  crad9 19:30 07 Jun 2005

I ordered goods in stock from Aria in Manchester value £320.00 and was promised delivery next day Friday 14 April.They did not deliver and on Monday they told me the goods were out of stock but they had charged my credit card. I cancelled the order and was promised a refund within a few days I have phoned them every week since and emailed all the daails a week ago to their customer service department but they have not even had the courtesy to reply and have still not refunded my payment after nearly two months. They had no right to charge me for goods not in stock and are now holding on to my money.This is theft in my book

  Rayuk 19:58 07 Jun 2005

Get in touch with your card company.

  spuds 22:50 07 Jun 2005

As stated by Rayuk, get in touch with your credit card company, and do it fast.

  walesrob 00:31 08 Jun 2005

I had problems with Aria also, and I found that if I emailed Rob. D at Aria [email protected] or Stuart [email protected] they will go out of their way to help you. Let us know how you get on.

  crad9 18:29 08 Jun 2005

Thanks for your suggestions.I had contacted the credit card company but have not received the form they promised me after 4 days.I did however create a distribution list of all the email addresses on the aria site and sent a message to them repeatedly. I have now had a response and a promise of the refund but no offer of comensation for interest charges an d gross waste of time.buyers beware

  walesrob 20:07 08 Jun 2005

Thats good news. I would't hold out much hope for compensation, I returned a faulty TFT for £18.50, but they would only refund £11.50. I only use EBuyer or Dabs now.

  Forum Editor 20:22 08 Jun 2005

a supplier must return your money within 30 days of the date of your notice requiring a refund.

In this case the supplier is in breach of consumer legislation, and I suggest that you tell them that unless the money is credited to your card account within 48 hours you will report their breach to Trading Standards. Do this in writing (email is fine) and tell them that you reserve all your rights in law.

Holding onto money for two months is an absolute disgrace, and if I was in your position I would make sure they knew it.

  John LG 12:40 22 Feb 2006

I've been shocked by complaints about Aria. Whilst the case above is unacceptable, I feel I need to show the other side of the coin, from a very happy customer. I've been an Aria customer for about 6 years, ordering regularly, and I have always been very satisfied. Only once had to return a faulty CD, which was sorted. I ordered a broadband router and wireless pci card last week at 3.30pm. I used normal delivery, and I had it delivered and installed before 24hrs were up. Excellent delivery, and the prices are red hot, especially on the super specials. I'll continue to reccommend with no reservations. Their message board is also very useful. Certainly Rob and Stuart at Aria have been very good in answering queries. Sorry that crad9 has experienced otherwise. I'd never use EBuyer again! Which shows that all companies make mistakes, and we'll all have different favourites.
P.S. I think that crad9's case above just highlights the need to always use a credit card on Internet purchases, for extra protection.
Regards, J

  rmcqua 13:44 22 Feb 2006

Yes, but there are "mistakes" and "mistakes". Crad9's experiences cannot just be excused as a mistake. It is a process of appalling lack of customer service involving a considerable amount of his money. Had I ever considered using Aria, I surely will not now.

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