No contract broadband?

  Ralph101 11:03 16 Nov 2006


seen a no contract broadband service at click here and just wondered if anyone had any experience with them and could let me know if they are worth joining?


  Dipso 22:12 16 Nov 2006

I haven't had experience of them or even heard of them. They may be fine but I would be dubious of going with any ISP that I couldn't find anything out about.

Do you need unlimited usage? If not, consider IDNet or Newnet (do a Google) who both offer 1 month contracts, free migration and don't charge if you leave.

  bluto1 22:52 16 Nov 2006

For `free` calls, plus line rental, plus 2MB B/B it`s going to cost at least £33.98 pm. As we all use 0870 etc numbers it`ll cost a bit more in reality. You are right to ask here about them and in the end it`s your own decision. However look around a bit more. I`m currently exploring NTL for a Jan/Feb swap.

  Ralph101 00:20 17 Nov 2006

Cheers guys. I take your point about shopping around. Had looked at NTL, but their 4mb broadband + phone with unlimited calling is £37.49 for the first 3 months, going up to £49.99 for the remaining 9. Little steep for my liking, compared to the £32.99 8Mb deal at Freeman. I'll check out IDnet and Newnet before doing anything, the 1 month contract sounds good, means if they don't measure up I can always leave.

  Miros 08:11 17 Nov 2006

If you want something cheaper what is wrong with AOL silver at £14.99 ? I know it is only 1mb speed but it seems fast enough to me. There's no download limit, you can download all day and night to your hearts content.

  bitofageek 20:37 09 Dec 2006

I found this site, it has good information on switching broadband, which is not easy.

They also list providers that have no minimum commitment. I would try Direct Save or Eclipse, they do charge a set up fee but you get up to 8MB

click here

Watch out for Virgin, they charge and exit fee.

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