"no broadband in my area" yet O2 offers1 for £22!?

  theDarkness 22:44 07 May 2009

I need home broadband for the home, so I thought the £7 to £12 basic broadband package from O2 sounded like a good deal on the BT/O2 website (its discounted if youre already with O2 via mobile phone- and they also give a discount with this same home broadband package if you are on 'pay as u go' via a mobile).

I entered my details/post code into the O2 website, and it claims "no broadband is available in my area". This is a joke since I am in a city (invermess-ok so its only JUST a city!) and live 5 mins from the exchange. According to the O2 website results- although there is no broadband available in the area, i can still go for their "home broadband ACCESS package" which is £22 per month for low speed access. this is a joke, right?! It sounds like a scam to make more money. Surely if they cant offer me their normal bband, why are they offering me bband of a similar speed at more than twice the price!? Whats so special about this more expensive deal, does it require more effort from them in order to get it running, since telephones have only just been discovered up here?

I used to use broadband back in 2001 at £22 from this very home, and although it wasnt from O2 (used Pipex), i still wouldve thought things would have improved since then, connections wise. Good old BT, always improving services where it matters. lol.

  RobCharles1981 23:11 07 May 2009

Post Back the full results on what samknows says:

click here

  Kevscar1 07:53 08 May 2009

This one will tell you exactly what you can get

click here

  OhBeardedOne 07:54 08 May 2009

So what did O2 say when you asked them about it, you did ask them didn't you? I've been with O2 for a while and have always found them excellent. They don't cover every exchange however so maybe haven't got to your part of the country yet?

  Pine Man 08:35 08 May 2009

O2 have LLU in a lot of exchanges giving up to 20mbps but it isn't countrywide yet.

Clearly they haven't yet got to Inverness so all they can offer at the moment is the basic service.

You appear to have completely over-reacted without making proper enquiries.

  jack 08:38 08 May 2009

Of the advertiser.
Blanket advertising is just that , not all of it applies to everyone.
The fact the your exchange is BB enabled does not mean necessarily it is available to every supplier.
So if for example you were a BT customer[who through their Open Reach arm] own the net work and the exchanges- could supply BB[be strange if they could not] An independent ISP may not be contracted to do so.

  oldbeefer2 08:47 08 May 2009

Talk Talk are the same - my local exchange isn't unbundled for either provider, so I would have to pay the higher rates.

  spuds 11:51 08 May 2009

It pays to find out the true coverage before condemning a company.

Most ISP's offer an advertising programme, but that doesn't always mean that all services are available at that precise time and day. My ISP Tiscali (todays info suggests CPW/Talk Talk have bought them out)was informing all their subscribers and me for a good few months about a better service,before it actually took place, because they were installing their own equipment in the local exchange.

  interzone55 12:07 08 May 2009

O2 have equipment in many exchanges, so they can offer discounted broadband in those areas. If they don't have equipment in your local exchange they can still offer you a package, but it'll have to be bought from BT Wholesale, so it'll be the more expensive out of area package.

I've found O2 to offer a very reliable service on the LLU offering, but I can't comment on the resold £22 package.

Their customer service is first rate as well...

  oldbeefer2 14:09 08 May 2009

...if your local exchange is 02 unbundled and you have an 02 mobile, the deal is fantastic - but, I live in the sticks, and no future plans for my exchange.

  AL47 22:59 08 May 2009

no matter who we go with we get the same speed/service, so we just go with the cheapest

im amazed cause for the previous week we were at a max of 44KBps now its stable at an amazing 200KBps

tried 02 like you, only expensive option

its annoying when people complain about xxxMbps
we get 1 lol

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