NIS - renew subscription or buy NIS 2007 ?

  kinlou 10:17 18 Mar 2007

I am an elderly computer user with an HP computer which came with Norton Antivirus and Personal Firewall pre-installed.

The subscription is due for renewal in May.

Would I do better to renew, or to start afresh with Norton Internet Security 2007 ?

  carver 10:39 18 Mar 2007

If you want to keep Norton go for the 2007 version as it will be cheaper than renewing the old click here this is the OEM vesion wich is the same as the boxed copy only cheaper and it will work on up to 3 PCs.

  Totally-braindead 12:54 18 Mar 2007

To my mind it depends on how old the Norton you have is.
I had a bad experience with Symantec and will no longer use them, basically I was paying my subscription but when I had a problem they refused to help. They said the subscription I paid was to download the updates only and they would not help as my version of Norton was no longer supported as it was too old. It wasn't that old by the way only about 2 - 2 and a half years old since first release but thats what they said.
If you do want to stick with Norton and you have a older version say 2 years old then I would buy the new one.
Personally I use AVG free and it works fine for me but if you're used to Norton, like it and want to continue using it then look first at how old your present Norton is and then decide.

  wee eddie 16:38 18 Mar 2007

kinlou - you have plenty of time to read the threads here and select the freeware.

I had problems with Norton Support and being told that the version I had bought just 2 years earlier and paid for the downloads for the 3rd year was no longer supported.

I blew a stack and Now use: AVG, Zone Alarm, Ad-aware and Windows Defender and am debating a Pop-up Stopper but IE7 is not bad at that.

  spuds 16:58 18 Mar 2007

Go with what as already been mentioned. Use the freeware programmes, all of which are well recommended, and used by many people.I use a combination of well respected freeware programmes, and I have never had a problem over many years.

A few freewares: ZoneAlarm click here AdAware click here SpyBot click here SpywareBlaster click here

Anti-virus (use only one) AVG click here Avast click here

  carver 22:02 18 Mar 2007

I think that this has gone slightly off the question that kinlou asked in the first place.
If kinlou is happy with what he has then advise him on that question, not start an anti Norton bash it only confusses things.
With Norton working kinlou you will not have to bother about keeping it updated it will do that for you.
The majority of freeware has to be updated maually and in this day and age internet security can be out of date in a few days.
If you read the threads you will realise that you have to put about 4-5 different programs on to do the same job as Norton 2007.
Anyway best of luck.

  wee eddie 22:41 18 Mar 2007

When you go to the Norton site to renew you used to be given the option of , a renewal, or an upgrade to the latest version of the software.

You have not said which version of Norton that you currently run, but if it is prior to '05 then I would upgrade as new features add additional safety.

carver is not 100% correct as free AVG picks up the latest definitions and runs checks automatically. The others that I recommended do require more input from you but are not complicated.

p.s. Being "elderly" around here is quite competitive and as I was born in '45, I hardly qualify! Welcome

  sunny staines 06:10 19 Mar 2007

I always buy the cd, renewing with norton is prone to problems, pcworld online often has good deals on norton.

As for free ones I prefer AVAST over AVG.

But use norton 2007 on main pc and pleased with it.

  squillary 18:58 19 Mar 2007

Another vote for buying afresh, but note that if you have ever (in your life) owned any Symantec product you are fully entitled to use the lower priced "Upgrade" version of any and every other product they sell. The "Upgrade" version seen in stores contains the full installation and it doesn't check that you've ever had a previous product - indeed, some older versions need to be fully uninstalled first. I have this info in writing from them - apparently it's always been the case. The info about not supporting older versions has been correct and is publicised well in advance, but seeing as keeping the old versions is more expensive it's actually a good thing (still people complain - go figure).

Club together with two other people and share the cost. If they allow it, it's the only sensible thing to do.

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