Nightmare On "Mesh" Street - Complaint!

  [DELETED] 22:37 24 Apr 2006

Never ever before I have dealt with a Company which is quite frankly, in my opinion, a disgrace beyond belief. Can anyone tell me – is Mesh an acronym for Make Everyone Suffer Hell! I am so disappointed, frustrated, and bitterly angry with this company, why, why, why???

Ordered a top spec computer inc upgrades £2,600 early November 05 > Arrives 1 week late > No apology > Day lost through taking scheduled days holiday from work > Computer arrives 01/12 > Problems with sound (day 1), USB ports, attaching peripherals > 01/12 to the 24/02/06, approx 27+ telephone calls made on an 0870 number to Technical Support – average call time in excess of 20 mins – just to get through! > Told to ring Software Support at £1 a minute > Also several emails to Technical Support > Told by Technical Support to rebuild computer using the Mesh recovery options > Mesh’s own recovery options didn’t work > 09/01/06 Computer back to base and reconfigured > Mesh made me pay £120 for the repair > I had paid Platinum Warranty at £80 = priority repair = 4 weeks waiting despite promise after promise it was on its way back > 13/02 Computer arrives from the factory still not working > 17/02 Engineer on site at my home address for 2 hours+ no resolution > 24/02 Engineer on site at my home address for 2 more hours+ no resolution > Engineer confirms amongst other things, problem with chipset fan, known problem with software ASUS Motherboard, and pins bent on the processor > Concludes verbally this was inherent fault at the outset – written report given to me re bent pins – computer was never going to work! > In summary 01/12/05 – 24/02/06 , spent hours on the telephone, hours on my own trying to sort something I could never have sorted, 6 days taken off work to receive computer, send back computer and be available for Engineers > 24/02 Ring Mesh to complain and ask for a new computer/refund > Told cannot do so as my call was not a priority > Would not take my complaint further > No refund to be given and no new computer > Told it was tough > No acknowledgement it was an inherent fault despite the Engineers report! > 24/02 PC back to base and I haven’t seen it since!

27/02 Letter to Managing Director (Tony Riccardi) detailing the whole despicable and atrocious service and the way in which I had been dealt with and spoken to - requesting a new computer/refund, compensation for the inconvenience etc – no reply (Copy to my Credit Card Co) > 07/03 Letter to TR – no reply > 27/03 Letter to TR asking for him to please reply, no reply! > 12/04 Call from Mesh out of the blue, short and curt message, my computer is being sent back to me > No details given, no acknowledgement of my previous correspondence > 13/04 Without warning the computer arrives back from “Meshland” and swiftly sent back as I am only willing to accept a refund in full> 15/04 Letter from Manager Customer Services (M Relic) essentially blaming everything on me! > What a company to be dealing with – why do customers buy from Mesh I will never know?

If anyone wants to purchase a computer from Mesh I would ask that they seriously consider going elsewhere. I will not labour the point! as there are other details within this forum which clearly detail the potential problems one can have with the Company, and I have only put the “highlights” in my post - but as the saying goes – Caveat Emptor! I have been in a permanent state of misery for the last 5 months – do not go there………

Davey – If you are listening please HELP!!!! All I want is for you to get someone from Mesh to collect your kit (monitor, speakers) (computer with you already). Under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 section 75 my visa Co. have refunded my money - why is Mesh being so pedantic? I never ever want to do business with your Co. again. Why can’t someone get this sorted?

  spuds 23:45 24 Apr 2006

Get in touch with your credit card company and inform them that you still have the parts mentioned, and you would like to know what are their instructions, if Mesh do not respond. Remember under section 75 they still have 'equal liability'.

Drop an email to Davey in the first instance [email protected] giving your PCA username, computer invoice details, and hope in return he will arrange collection of the items for you, at your convenience.

  [DELETED] 08:54 25 Apr 2006

I've already responded to your post on another forum but in case you see this first.

If you could sned me your Mesh Order Number and screen name (Alex Krycek) to [email protected] the least I could do would be to look into the matter for you.


  [DELETED] 09:05 25 Apr 2006

So have we not heard this all before about Mesh on this and other forums? Mesh muck the customer about till the point the customer is just so peeded off.

Is this going to make people buy from mesh, no & mesh have lost my order, why should i buy from a company that seems so pathetic at offering a level of care expected by their customers. Mesh need to clean up their act or possibly face court action one day by a disgruntled customer.

  [DELETED] 09:20 25 Apr 2006

If the Credit Card Company have refunded your money, technically I believe the monitor and any other bits now belong to them, and not to Mesh. It's up to the Credit Card Company as to what they would like to do with them. I believe you can state a "reasonable" time for them to collect them; you do not have to meet any inconvenience ~ ie staying in when you would be working, or carting them to a post office.

I know that Mesh also make excellent machines, and that most people have no problems, but Mesh must realise what immense damage the multitude of stories like this are doing to their business. (See other (hiss, spit) magazine websites, and similar tales abound).

This time last year I'd narrowed my purchase down to an Evesham or a Mesh, and went for the Evesham (which is; a) great, and b) was excellently dealt with by o.s.m. when there was a problem). My sister has asked me to replace her computer, and Mesh aren't even going on the shortlist. I don't even bother to read their advertisements any more.

Glitches, yes, all companies have them. This appears to me to be something more.

  [DELETED] 09:30 25 Apr 2006

Oh, just as an aside... the extent of Evesham's onsite maintenance.... my computer restarted on shutdown because of hardware fault.... they'd had problems with ONE other machine like this & took a while to sort that one out.... my on-site-maintenance guy fitted ... a new motherboard, processor, RAM, & PSU, & had a spare HDD and graphics card "just in case". Took 40 mins to effectively build my new computer for me. He then polished the case, before fitting it back under the desk. THEN he had time for his tea & biscuits!

That's why, although there's one thread on the first page "Disappointed with Evesham", lots of people are speaking out in favour of Evesham on that thread. This addition is, as much as anything, for the note of the Mesh team (who do seem to do sterling work tidying up Mesh chaos!).

  [DELETED] 09:59 25 Apr 2006

Although I'm not a Mesh customer, I have been following this and other Mesh - related threads with interest because I spent more than 20 years working in Quality Assurance in IT&T.
It seems to me that Davey is doing his very best to sort out problems raised by members of this forum (though I think I detect a note of frustration creeping into his replis). However, it would be really interesting to know on whose behalf Davey is doing this. It may be that he is not able or not willing to tell us, but is he acting on behalf of Mesh senior management or just of his own good will? Do Mesh have a Quality Assurance Manager? If so, why is he/she not more visible when things go badly wrong? Do they have a corporate quality/mission policy? If so, I can't find it on their website.
I realise that this probably isn't going to be of much interest to those who have suffered from the poor customer support, but I for one would be interested to see how it completes the overall picture and maybe explains why, when things do go wrong with Mesh, they seem to go wrong so spectacularly.
Meanwhile, good for you Davey, keep up the good work as long as you can.

  [DELETED] 10:13 25 Apr 2006


I have been there and done it with Mesh, I found that davey whilst a very nice person didn't cust the mustard when I needed results. The person you need to try to get hold of is Ramiz Padashifard (company director). Try sending him a letter to his home address. As he is a company director he has to give his home address in the annual report which is available at companies house (click here) for £1 - This is cheaper than a call to Mesh Support. After 6 weeks of messing around I managed to get a call left with his PA saying he could either sort the problem out now (at 6pm at night) or I would telephone him at home later that evening and sort it out then. I got an apology immediately and a refund the following morning (9.30 AM). This is a last resort but it worked for me. But remember BE POLITE. Hope this helps you.

  spuds 10:53 25 Apr 2006

"....technically I believe the monitor and any other bits now belong to them"

Not quite correct in law, its another of one of those grey areas, that can resurface after many months. The matter is now between Mesh and the credit card company, and as such Alex Krycek is a temporary guardian of the property. He/she could write to the credit card company and/or Mesh, and inform them that he will commence to charge storage charges, whilst the items are in his/her 'safe and secure care'. This would be done under Notice of Tort (Interference with Goods) Act 1977. Basically this Act means 'Uncollected Goods and Notice To Sell'.

To get into the 'heavy' stuff, an Interpleader Proceedings could be addressed to both the credit card company and/or Mesh.But as stated, this is 'heavy' stuff, and only recommended as a very final solution.Whatever happens though, the 'guardian' of goods must never dispose of the goods in the first instance, hence the legal suggestion of charging for storage. Always make sure that ALL parties are fully aware of the situation, and any possible impending actions.

  [DELETED] 11:23 25 Apr 2006

Pretty unfriendly, don't you think, to threaten the credit card company with storage charges after they have refunded his money without hassle?

  spuds 12:46 25 Apr 2006

Not unfriendly, just how the law works. Credit card companies and finance institutions are or should have legal people fully aware of these laws.The same should apply to other establishments.After all, if thats the way to resolve a problem, that's the way you go!.

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