Nigerian 419 scam

  Mister Splendid©® 18:06 13 Jul 2004

Any of you who have recieved one of these emails might like to read this:- click here

  Forum Editor 19:01 13 Jul 2004

but nobody should be tempted to emulate the 'reverse sting' described in your link. There are some very dangerous people at the back of some of these attempted frauds, and they aren't all as stupid as some people think. Some of them are quite capable of discovering the whereabouts of people who email them, and my advice is to delete any such approaches and get on with your life.

  spuds 23:59 13 Jul 2004

This was posted on the forum recently click here

  johnnyrocker 01:21 14 Jul 2004

i would think just delete and forget.


  Mister Splendid©® 18:19 14 Jul 2004

I did recieve a Nigerian 419 myself a few weeks ago and did, then, as the FE and Johnnyrocker rightly suggest.

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