NIC's is it just me or do cheap ones die quickly??

  two00lbwaster 20:31 22 Apr 2003

ive gone through 3 nic's(ethernet cards) in the last 3 months on 2 different machines. ive got to say that these are the only componants that have died on me so far.

i can't blame a single chipset because although 2 were realtek chips the other nic(which lasted much longer infact) was made by smc.

and all three were from different compaines and different pcb layouts

although i used to overclock the fsb of my processors to get some more power out of my computers i have long scince abolished the practice on motherboards that also raise the pci/agp frequencies

so im at a loss to explain

  two00lbwaster 21:18 22 Apr 2003

i'll just add the cost of these were about £5 each not much more than that price anyway.

i have just bought a 5 bulk pack of allied telsyn(realtek chipset) from pcworld a a cost of £29.99 so i'll be intrested to see what comes of these the way ive been going through them i'll be reterning them back to pcworld all dead withing the year

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