nice one Beefeater

  v1asco 11:51 13 Sep 2007

Early this year we had a family outing to Beefeater. When they put the meal in front of me it was not what I ordered. I queried this and they said my order was out of stock so they did this instead. I would have preffered to choose an alternative. They did not charge for my meal but the evening was not as good as it could have been.

Months later another Family outing and once again no 16oz Rib-eye. This time I was told before hand and ordered a Sirloin. So we waited and waited and waited ...... eventually my 3 got theirs, I didn't. Off they went to check and my meal came - a burger. The chap behind me who came in about 15 mins after us was just finishing my Sirloin, they had confused the order. I refused the burger and just asked for a plate and had a little from the others, pick and mix. This time they said they won't charge me for my meal! The one I didn't have. They took £20 off the bill and out we went, the evening ruined. I did not make a scene, left quietly.

I sat on this for a while and decided to contact Beefeater. Mainly to let them know about the service and lack of stock.

They checked on my story and agreed there was problems. They then sent me a voucher for £50. This was not expected and a nice bonus.

So, off we troop to the (different) Beefeater and I finally get the Rib Eye, but it was overcooked. I raised this with the waitress who agreed and got another one. At the end they didn't charge for that either. Which I did not expect.

I don't know if that is their policy or if that particular restaurant had a good manager. Either way full marks to them and their customer services, nil points for the original Restaurant.

  spuds 13:50 13 Sep 2007

I could be wrong here, but isn't each Beefeater restaurant run independently under separate management on a franchise basis, hence perhaps the different service that you received in your choice of venues.

Perhaps a simple question though. What's eating at restaurant got to do with a Computer magazine Consumerwatch section, perhaps this should have gone in Speakers Corner ;O)

  v1asco 14:12 13 Sep 2007

Thinking was a consumer issue,as service involved.

Speakers corner just as suitable. For me either, perhaps FE will move.

The Franchise side I know nothing about, sorry.

  wee eddie 16:44 13 Sep 2007

The first occasion could have been a mistake, the second an error. There would never have been a third. I'd never have darkened their doors again

  oresome 19:42 13 Sep 2007

We used to visit a similar pub chain restaurant and order steak and eggs which came with beans.

They changed the menu and the beans changed to peas, so we chose another meal.

Last week, new menu and the beans were back!

So we ordered two steak and egg meals and guess what..................they came with peas!

My wife queried the lack of beans with the waiter who said "I think you'll find it says peas on the menu madam". He then proceded to show us the menu, where sure enough, it stated beans.

Hurried into the kitchen and came back with a bowl of beans and a large spoon for us to help ourselves to.

All done in good humour and didn't spoil the meal.

  v1asco 20:55 13 Sep 2007

More nostalgia than loyalty.

My Father bought me my first pint in same place, 40 yrs ago.

My wedding reception was held in Lewisham Beefeater 30 yrs ago.

I have always loved steak since trading back and fore Argentina in the good old days.

  v1asco 08:58 14 Sep 2007

Forgot to add your never darken doors again comment I would normally agree with however

My son is 18 next week and want to carry on the tradition

I used the £50 voucher in a different Beefeater.

  techie4me 09:58 14 Sep 2007

Oh dont you just love customers who complain;-)

  v1asco 10:26 14 Sep 2007

Not sure what you mean, but if you love customers who complain do you provide bad service so that you can love them more?

If you read my text you will see that I did not 'complain' in the manner I think your sarcastic comment suggests, ie chasing compo and whingeing. I thought it only right that as there was obviuosly some wrong at this restaurant the Brand Owners should know. The voucher was a surprise and I have praised Beefeater,not complained.

  anchor 17:13 14 Sep 2007


No, Beefeater is not operated on a franchise basis; it is run directly by Whitbread.

Late last year they sold off many Beefeaters to Mitchell's & Butlers; those that did not have, (or potential for), Travel Inns. The exceptions were Beefeaters that did exceptionally good business.

My wife and I dine at our local Beefeater regularly, and have always been fully satisfied with the food and service.

  techie4me 18:08 14 Sep 2007

Some people complain because they can & do.
Some do it to get money off their meal or get a free bottle of wine.
If someone does not like the service of where they eat then dont go to that chain again, it's that simple!

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