Next PC : need advice.

  Europa 13:46 05 Jan 2003
  Europa 13:46 05 Jan 2003

I bought my first PC 2 years ago, a Gateway select 850, which is still working fine, but now I am looking to buy another one with higher spec, as I do not have a CDRW, I find it a bit slow, I only got a 20GB hard drive, and I do not know enough to do some upgrading myself. I find those specifications limiting, so I would like my next PC to have all the pros and cons to last me for a good while, obviously PCs are evolving so fast that it'll need to be upgradable. I need advice on specifications needed (type of hard drive, processor, USB 2.0?,graphic cards...). I have been looking at the Poweroid website, they are offering a wide range of PCs at all prices, I have been looking at the poweroid 3201 and the poweroid 7011, (go for Athlon, which I have, or for P4?), they can do upgrades when time comes, and the aftersales service and support seems top, evesham seems to habe good ratings as well. Built quality is a plus, novatech seems to sell PC at a cheaper end, but I believe if you want quality you need to pay the price.
Any advice would be mostly welcome.

  rickf 13:50 05 Jan 2003

If you talk to the sales dept of the cos you are considering buying from they should be able to advise you on the best option. After getting advice, post back the specs and people here will then be able to tell you what they think. A comp is a very personal thing at the end of the day. Very much depends on your priorities really.

  DieSse 14:27 05 Jan 2003

Sample Spec for a good, fast system - not the ultimate, priciest. Degree of upradeability (you will never get more than a degree)

Intel 845PE motherboard with 6 USB2 ports, and on-board sound, and support for Hyperthreading processors. (eg QDI PlatinX 845PE)

Intel 2.4 GHz 533 fsb processor (or 2.5/2.6/2.8) depending on funds. Geta top grade fan/heatsink - don't skimp on this.

512Mb DDR 333MHz RAM - but first quality only - not cheaper ones.

60 or 80Gb HDD 7200RPM

DVD/CD/CD-RW to suit - get two units, not a combo drive.

GeF4 MX440 or 460 64Mb graphics

Decent speakers

Cordless Mouse and keyboard

17" or 19" Flat CRT monitor to taste

WinXP - Home or Pro as per taste.

This will see you though at least a couple of years, with upgrades possible to processors over 3GHz / More RAM / bigger HDDs / Faster Graphics - all as and when you wish.

  sil_ver 15:22 05 Jan 2003

I wouldn't make any suggestions until you tell us what you want to use it for.

  *mark 15:36 05 Jan 2003

You can buy the system below for £767.27 including delivery & VAT from click here .

SPECIFICATIONS: Athlon AMD XP2000+, ASUS A7V 333 DDR Motherboard, 768Mb DDR 333MHz RAM, 57.2Gb 7,200 RPM hard disk, 64Mb GeForce4 Ti 4200
Graphics Card, LiteOn 16xDVD 48xCD drive, Floppy Drive, LiteOn 48xCD 40xCD-R 12xCD-R/W drive, integrated 5.1 sound, 200W Subwoofer
3 Piece Speaker System, PS2 K-Baord & Inteli Mouse, 6xUSB Ports (2xUSB2),17in Mitsubishi DiamondPlus 750SB monitor, Intel V.92 modem, PC-CILLIN,Windows XP Home, Office Ability 2002, 3 YEARS ONSITE WARRANTY & DELIVERY.

Hope this helps,


If there's a good local store nearby have a chat with them face to face to find out exactly what you want and then get them to build it.

  Southend Steve 18:42 05 Jan 2003

I bought a blueprint PC from Novatech a few weeks ago and it's been excellent so far. Past dealings with them assured me that if I have any problems then they will resolve.

  Europa 21:52 05 Jan 2003

Thanks for the suggestions so far. As for what I want to use my PC for, photo and video editing, gaming, digital pictures, internet surfing, watch movies, at the end, there are so many things to do with a computer, what I don't do now I might want to do later. When I bought my first PC, I didn't want a CDRW, now I regret not having one. I wanted an upgrade of 30GB on my hard drive, but the sale person in Gateway suggested that 20GB was enough. Now, I'm frightened even to do any update, just in case. Even if I wanted to update to window XP or get to do video editing, I wouldn't dare even thinking about it, following the amount of RAM and Drive space needed. Obviously, it was my first PC, it's a good little PC to start with, what attracted me to Getaway in the first place was the possibility of upgrading with them after two years, but now they're gone. Any suggestions would help me making my own mind on to what specifications I would need to look for to make sure that my new PC wouldn't feel obsolete after six months.

  wee eddie 22:13 05 Jan 2003

Go down to your local dealer/shop. Where the guys hang out. Spend £200+ on goodies, extra RAM, a CDRW and an 80gig HD, 'cos in a years time anything you buy now will be history anyway.

Unless you want a new box to brag about, keep what you have now, it seems to fulfill your current needs. Get the lads to upgrade it for you (you'll gain some cool friends as well) and when you find that what you have, will not perform what you are actually trying to do. Then buy a new Box, the rest you have anyway.

The manufacturers will hate me for saying that, but the £1000.00 you save will buy you twice as much next year and will be specified to do exactly what you want to do then.

  cassie75 22:28 05 Jan 2003

Hi I was in the same situation, and I found a PC Builder in my area (Tunbridge wells) and he built my Base unit to my exact spec, at a good price. I knew all the components that went into it etc, all good quality like crucial ram.

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