NewTV – where to start?

  QinesiQ 14:56 11 Jul 2008

I feel out of touch with tv technology!

We need to replace our old & blurry crt tv and have been thinking about a flatscreen. The maximum size we can fit in the space would be 42” screen (but we’d have to measure again as the surrounds can vary btwn manuf’s). I think we’d probably go for a Panasonic (for picture quality – according a small comment on a Which buying a tv guide (can’t find it now) and the odd comments on these forums) and probably an LCD (I’m under the impression that plasma will consume more power and may not last as long – but I have no idea if this is true). As the full HD is out then I guess we would go with this (and may get freesat also - otherwise whats the point!!). What does anyone think of these ideas and can anyone recommend a good website/magazine for TV-related news/reviews/advice etc (pref. subscription free)? Oh yes, and what do people think of freesat and will it always be subscription free?


  crosstrainer 15:19 11 Jul 2008

A lot of this is down to personal choice, but some important features:

1) Lcd for sure, Plasma bulbs don't last long, and cost £££ to replace

2) HDMI x 2 (even if you don't need them yet)

3) DVI input for your PC

4) Built in freeview (minimum) and built in freesat if budget allows.

Your choice of Panasonic is a good one. I have a 32" Hitachi in the bedroom, and a 42" Panasonic (older model) in the living room

One thing though...I found that the 42" is too big for the room.(if you have a very large living room you should be fine0

A few ideas!

  oresome 15:31 11 Jul 2008

Reading a leaflet produced by Panasonic the other day, they still favour plasma for larger screen sizes, 37" upwards and for use in a lounge where some of the viewers may be well off centre. They do manufacture both types of sets, whereas others seem to be dropping plasma.

I think you're probably right about the power consumption being greater for plasma, but also in their favour the colour gamut and contrast/black level performance are claimed to be better.

  crosstrainer 15:40 11 Jul 2008

Technically I agree, but the difference is not noticeable in the normal home surroundings. And the bulbs do blow. I think LCD is the way to go.

Strange, but just a thought...Why has no manufacturer brought out a plasma PC monitor?

  interzone55 15:41 11 Jul 2008

Panasonic are the only manufacturer who are persisting with Plasma screens, all the other main players have shifted to LCD because the screens are cheaper, they use less power, and they last longer.

On the other hand, if you compare a 60" plasma to a 60" LCD the Plasma picture is much better

  recap 15:46 11 Jul 2008

Channel 5's Gadget Show tested flat panel screen TV's a while ago, click here for their reviews. I have been looking for a flat panel myself just recently and my opinion is that the Philips have the better quality.

  Forum Editor 15:50 11 Jul 2008

from Speakers Corner.

  crosstrainer 15:53 11 Jul 2008

I have a Philips lcd monitor which is great. I wonder if a plasma monitor (24"+) is technically possible?

  oresome 16:39 11 Jul 2008

"Why has no manufacturer brought out a plasma PC monitor?"

I think alan14 has provided the answer. LCD is cheaper to manufacture, particularly on smaller screen sizes.

  crosstrainer 16:44 11 Jul 2008

And maybe too much heat? Even this 24" lcd puts out a fair amount..

  QinesiQ 16:47 11 Jul 2008

I think I must also be out of touch on where to post this – whoops sorry! Thanks for moving (feeling really useless now!)

Thanks you everyone for replying your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Crosstrainer – I take your point re: size – when we finally narrow it down I intend to cut a piece of cardboard to get an idea (in fact I was a bit shocked the space a Samsung 42” screen would take up in the corner which we had looked at yesterday - and I thought was a tad small in the vast expanse of Costco!).

Recap – interesting comment Re: Phillips I was thinking that too as I think my partners parents flatscreen is a Phillips – he said he will find out exactly what it is when he visits this w/e. the picture quality was fabulous – I could not tell the difference between their SD and HD transmission programs (Australia). I am fairly sure their dvd player was SD and that looked fine. The SD quality is the main thing for me as all tv’s look good (to me) in HD and at the moment we don’t have a HD source (of any kind!!).
Thanks also for your gadget show link – must have missed this ep

Thanks everyone I’ll keep the thread open a bit longer

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