NewCPU and motherboard or Graphics card?

  iNVADER84 12:51 08 Apr 2010

I was going to go all out the other day abd buy a £1000+ gaming rig, but I have had to take a step back as I getting out of control.

I don't want to spend too much, but want to improve my Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gaming experience.

I currently have a Core 2 Duoe E6660 OCed to 3.2GHZ with a passive cooling stack, running on an Asus P5B motherboard (LGA775), 4GB PC2-6400 RAM (3GB addressable, mobo limitation) and a GeForce 8800GTS 512Mb - running on Win 7 Ultimate 64bit.

I can run the game at 1920x1080 on my 23" Samsung monitor, but can get some choppiness at times so generally run multiplayer at 1600x900 with all settings High and I get a fairly consistant game of 25-50fps, but it still isn't "smooth".

I was looking at upgrading the mobo and CPU to help things along, or do you think the performance issues may lie elsewhere?

I looked at the Core 2 Quad Q9400 and an Asus P5G41C-M LX motherboard. which was about £200.

I could use my old RAM and hopefully my CPU cooler on this but really don't know if I'd be better off spending the money on a new GFX card instead.

Any ideas?

  citadel 17:16 08 Apr 2010

graphics card the best bet, hd5870 or hd5850.

  roddypoddy 19:12 08 Apr 2010

As suggested,gpu,iplay the same game very well(at 1920x1080),with,
[email protected]
4gb 5300 ram
ATI 4890
Windows 7 ultimate.

  carver 18:16 09 Apr 2010

If money will stretch go for the 5850 card or one of the latest 470 cards review here click here

Personally I still prefer the 5850 over the newer nvidia cards, lot of card for your money, been using one for the past 5 months and it's brilliant (until next card comes out)

  iNVADER84 18:42 09 Apr 2010

I have decided to get a new HD5850 (XFX) and a new Q9400 which will tin on my current mono. I then have the option to upgrade the mobo at a later date as it's PCI-E 1.1. Doesn't sound like it's going to be an issue at this time but will be one day. Could probably get a new mobo next month anyway!

  carver 23:05 09 Apr 2010

If you are thinking about a new mobo then don't even think about that Q9400 it will be a waste of money to buy some thing that will not be upgradable, instead gor for something like this Intel Corei7 920 D0 SLBEJ Bloomfield 45nm, 2.66 GHz with a Socket: 1366 mobo.

At least then you will have an up to date setup with options to upgrade CPU later

  iNVADER84 00:10 10 Apr 2010

I understand and am aware of this. I just need a performance boost to breathe a bit of life into the old dog. The gfx card will do most of the work I'm sure. I did look at a complete i7 system and got really carried away. I'll sell the processor and mobo to put towards a new rig after this thing called a wedding I'm meant to be saving for!

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