Newbie in search of gaming rig

  rwd1980 17:41 17 Oct 2008


I'm very much a PC gaming newbie, I'm 28 in search of my first PC (previous gaming limited to consoles), and I am quite simply staggered by all the choices available to me! I was hoping someone on here would be able to help me.

Now, I've done some research into processors, RAM, graphics cards, etc. so I have a very rough idea what I want, which is basically something that will play the latest games (on and offline), as well as web browsing, Microsoft apps, etc.

I need everything (monitor, speakers, etc.) as I'm starting from ground zero.

I've seen the following on Overclockers:

click here

And thought it looked pretty good, seems a fairly good spec, its around my budget.

My big question is, is it ok? Or is there something I should be considering instead. What criticisms of that system would you have?

Bear in mind I'm not going to build my own (I wouldn't trust myself!).

Any help gratefully received.


  rwd1980 17:46 17 Oct 2008

Forgot to mention...

Would it be worth expanding it to 4gb RAM?

Also, which OS is best?

  cow1777 22:03 20 Oct 2008

First, I've heard enough bad things about product, etc.

For that money, go with the Chillblast Fusion Sidewinder
click here

Q6600 oc'ed to 3.2 GhZ, 4 GB of RAM (in 2 slots, so its stable), a 22 in monitor and a 2 year collect and return warranty- plus, you save 50 quid.

I cannot recommend this company enough. I am a newbie in terms of computer building too, but they guided me through it without any problems and my 830 quid computer runs like a 1000 pound box!

  cow1777 22:04 20 Oct 2008

the 8800 GT card is somewhat outdated- the 4870 trumps it in so many different ways.

  rwd1980 08:43 21 Oct 2008

Thanks so much for your post, just in the nick of time.

Cannot believe the spec on the Sidewinder, its really great for the money, the reviews can't praise it highly enough, and searching round the net seems to show the company has a good reputation.

Once again, many thanks, that was great advice.

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