new virus protection - pivx

  krypt1c 14:27 21 Oct 2004

I received this info in a news letter I subscribe to "Free Product Zaps New and Unknown Viruses
Even users with well protected PCs are vulnerable to new viruses and worms during the critical time slot between the first appearance of the virus and the time it takes for AV vendors to update their signature database. A number of companies offer claimed solutions: one is PivX who markets a product called Qwik-Fix Pro. This works by providing a degree of generic protection combined with defenses against potential exploits the company has identified from its own research. I have no way of testing such a product but the idea is sound - just think of all those known but yet unpatched Internet Explorer bugs. Others clearly agree - the company certainly has some heavyweight customers. The good news is that a home PC edition is available and it's free until the end of October. Registration required, 1.26MB.
click here" Has anyone any knowledge of it?

  Gaz 25 17:33 21 Oct 2004

but... no one else I know has used it.

Did seem to slow windows down.

  Gaz 25 17:35 21 Oct 2004

Also.. I found it disabled some features like HTML e-mails, and images in mail. Good from a security point of view, but not exactly ideal if you have e-mails from family with images for example.

  joseph K 09:54 23 Oct 2004

Surely this amounts to little more than the heuristics already employed by many anti-virus tools.

  krypt1c 16:45 23 Oct 2004

As the only reponse is negative I'll give it a miss. Thanks

  Zak 19:07 23 Oct 2004

I have been using Qwik-Fix and now Qwik-Fix Pro for a while now on a Win98se box. I am very pleased with it and if need be it can be disabled from the system tray icon.
I have not experienced any speed slow down issues.

From December 04 a licence will need to be purchased for the program to be updated as and when new updates are available.

Here is an extract from an email I received:

"We're pleased to announce an extension of the free download program for all Home Edition
users until November 30th.

Beginning December 1, 2004, Qwik-Fix Pro Home Edition will be available to purchase online
for $49.95. As a special thank you for all beta users and early adopters, you may buy
Qwik-Fix Pro Home Edition for the special price of $34.95, a savings of 30% off the retail
price. To get the savings, you just have to purchase by December 31, 2004. We'll
announce specific details on how to complete your online purchase soon."

I will be buying this product.

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