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New version of Malwarebytes ...

  x13 16:16 04 Nov 2019


  Govan1x 16:46 04 Nov 2019

Just downloaded it 10 minutes ago. it looks completely different from old version.

new version

  Govan1x 17:22 04 Nov 2019

Only one scan setting now took just over 8 minutes for me.

Anyone using Eset that also has a new version.

The jury is out on malwarebytes whether it is better than the old version or not.

  alanrwood 19:36 04 Nov 2019

X13 Where can I download the full offline installer please.

Govan1x What version of Eset are you referring to. The last version I can find is

  x13 19:48 04 Nov 2019

Where can I download the full offline installer please

I don't think it's been available for years now. Worth joining their forum for info?

  martd7 21:58 04 Nov 2019

Thanks x13

Updated to 4.04

Cant say i like the UI

No doubt i will get used to it

  Menzie 23:00 04 Nov 2019

This new interface will take some adjusting on my part, but as long as it does the job it's been doing all along so far I'm happy.

  Govan1x 23:56 04 Nov 2019


You are correct with eset that was the latest update that i received. it is one of those that make you restart your computer and i thought that it was a new version. It did say see what we have on our latest edition.

Sorry about my confusion with new version.

  Govan1x 00:03 05 Nov 2019

Should have said if you want the latest update Open Malwarebytes for Windows. Click Settings, then click the Application tab. Under the Application Updates section, click Install Application Updates.

  cyndrellabill 09:13 05 Nov 2019

Yeah, the new version is totally different that the previous one. I have just downloaded malwarebytes. It's cool.


  alanrwood 19:00 05 Nov 2019

The offliine installer has always been available. I always d/l them direct from originators website.

Following my communication with MWB which does include the offline installer url.

emphasized text Add your reply above this line.

Your support ticket 2750823 has been updated. Please reply to this email to update the ticket with any questions or additional information.

Lisa R (Consumer)

Nov 5, 06:27 PST Hello Alan,

You're welcome. :-)

There are plans to add it to the webpage but the date has not yet been finalized as it requires a bit more back end work. As it will be an offline installer, the plan is to have a new build up daily, so the offline installer at least has that day's database included with it.

Best Regards,


Lisa R. | Malwarebytes Consumer Support |

Alan Wood

Nov 5, 01:05 PST

Hi Lisa

Thanks for the quick reply. I just wonder why the full offline installer is no longer on the web site. It would have saved us both a lot of time.


Alan """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Lisa R (Consumer)

Nov 4, 14:13 PST Hello Alan,

My name is Lisa and I'm from Malwarebytes Consumer Support. I will be helping you with your ticket # 2750823.

Please refer to our Public Forum post here click here can download the Offline installer from this link click here Regards,


Lisa R. | Malwarebytes Consumer Support |

Alan Wood

Nov 4, 11:29 PST

I have 5 licences for Malwarebytes. I understand that Version 4 has been issued. Where can I download the offline installer as it seems to have disappeared from your web site and only the live installer seems to be there. I need the full offline installer as two of my machines are not connected to internetemphasized text

You Best

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