New use for that old PC

  goodtry 03:16 08 Aug 2006

1. The old Pentium III machine can shift to the living room as general web-surfing and office applications machine.

2. The same machines could also function as a file server, print server, or MP3 music server. Just connect it to a router and set up the network and file-sharing permissions.

3. Thought about trying LINUX? The old machines could be reformatted to a clean slate; then download any one of the many LINUX distributions and experiment away. Surf to click here for details.

4. Certain charities also refurbish used machines and parts for export to other less affluent countries where the older machines are used as tools to level the IT gap.

5. You could buy a cheap TV tuner card from your favorite IT store, install it in your old PC and turn it into a dedicated TV program recorder.
Remember your old video game consoles and all the classic video games you played? Recreate the experience on your old PC. Visit click here (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) to download an emulator, and ROM (read-only-memory) sites such as click here to download game titles. You must have your original game cartridges to avoid copyright infringement issues.

6. If your old PC still has a modem, you can turn it into dedicated fax server. This will save you the cost of a fax machine plus paper and toner. Install the fax server program from your modem’s installation disc.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:37 08 Aug 2006

I just throw them on the council dump.


  oresome 09:13 08 Aug 2006

Before the council dump's 4 mile high and growing, perhaps we'll have to adopt a different attitude GANDALF <|:-)> ?

  phoenix198 09:29 08 Aug 2006

Hook, line and sinker!

  silverous 09:35 08 Aug 2006

I'm certain gandalf was joking ;)

  silverous 09:37 08 Aug 2006

On a serious note, we had a load of old machines at work and it saved a lot of hassle as well as giving us a 'good feeling' donating them to computeraid (click here)

They securely wipe the hard disks and take responsibility for the machine (important under the new waste directives)

We also found other more local charities who were prepared to take a few off our hands to rebuild and use to give to kids who couldn't afford one.

  bluto1 22:43 08 Aug 2006

I must be completely out of step with the amazing progress PC`s are making. Mine is a
MSI MS 6316 FSB 100 MHz, AMD Athlon 800MHz CPU,
512 MB memory and 2 x 40 GB HHD`s. I have XP Pro SP2, no problems whatsoever and if you think I`m
kicking this little lot into touch you`re wrong.
I`ll bet there are thousands out there like me who cannot afford "the latest".

  Arnie 23:07 08 Aug 2006

I agree. If it carries out the tasks you require, why replace it?

Some people still use old computers with Windows 95 installed. No doubt some with no USB ports!

  wee eddie 23:37 08 Aug 2006

a load of time and money if most of their staff were not connected to the Internet....

Whilst I accept that it has brought many speedy benefits, it has also bought with it a number of distractions.

It might be worthwhile someone, who is not dazzled by the bright sunshine of Technology, doing a reality audit of the benefits of the Internet being available to all ones staff.

Then get the PCs back to what they were intended for, which can be handled by Windows 95

  Arnie 00:39 09 Aug 2006

"It would save many companies a load of time and money if most of their staff were not connected to the Internet...."

It sure would. There is a lot of e-mail dross passed around within companies.

I've seen some of the PowerPoint examples my daughter often sends me, some quite funny I agree, but nevertheless company time wasters.

  phil46 01:30 09 Aug 2006

Still got my first computer a Brio 410 8 years old upgraded to a Pentium 111 still works well with W2000+WXP with 250MZ SDRAM won't work with Vista beta 2,Linux i can't get my old head around it but this OS seems big in the USA.

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