New TomTom Go range due in May

  anchor 16:37 09 Mar 2006

TomTom are to introduce a new range of TomTom Go GPS. The UK release is expected in May.

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  gooberfish 21:12 09 Mar 2006

nice one

  Stuartli 13:48 10 Mar 2006

My mate's sending his new sat nav, bought only this week, back to the supplier as it says Liverpool are still in Europe.

  sunny staines 16:49 10 Mar 2006

will the current "go" range be able to update

  anchor 17:04 10 Mar 2006

sunny staines; essentially the answer is NO.

However, a new firmware upgrade is promised, which will offer some advantages. A release date for this has yet to announced.

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  mahalo 20:29 10 Mar 2006

the one we have is fixated on London and we are nowhere near there, it lists the poi as London pois.

  vinnyT 11:32 11 Mar 2006

Got to admit when I'm lost, I just stick my head out of the window and Yell "where the heck am I".
Someone usually helps;-)

  anchor 11:42 11 Mar 2006


Does`nt help if you are abroad and don`t speak the lingo.

  Lettervanman 12:02 11 Mar 2006

My mates Tom Tom bought Christmas,is on it's way back for repair.I saw it in use last weekend and was very impressed,shame it has broken!

  sunny staines 12:03 11 Mar 2006

I was hoping for a maps update.

  anchor 14:56 13 Mar 2006

The new "Go" range will have updated maps.

However, no FREE map updates will be available for existing users. They never are from TomTom.

For example, the latest UK map costs €59.95, (almost £43). In my opinion, not worth it.

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