New supplier struggling to compete

  Ozzie252 13:14 28 Feb 2006

I have built two new PCs from scratch using quality named parts from a leading UK retailer with amazingly cheap prices. To cover my time I have added a tiny markup and stuck them on ebay.

Other suppliers have computers on there that are much cheaper in comparison. They are selling complete systems cheaper that I can buy the components. How do they do that? I think their components may be of a lower quality.

As users of this forum, can you tell the difference in quality between my PCs and the other Ebay PCs or when looking for a computer do you look only at the price?

Here are the two PCs:

click here

click here

All comments much appreciated.

  MidgetMan 13:52 28 Feb 2006

Seem a bit expensive to me, 80gb hard drive? only half gig memory,no mention of the graphics size, 80 gb is not of any use now adays put the o/s on and office and a game and thats it full. no monitor no o/s either.

Even the second is overpriced, did you get a deal on job lot of 80gb h/ds??.

the reason the "big boys" will always out do you is because they buy in bulk (huge discounts).

Sorry but you did ask for comments.

  Ozzie252 13:57 28 Feb 2006

No all feedback is great and is appreciated.

What would estimate to be a reasonable price for each sytem then?

  961 14:20 28 Feb 2006

If you compare Dell, who sell hundreds of thousands of boxes a week, with Mesh, Evesham etc who don't and look at what they pay for components, you have the answer to your question

Do you imagine that Dell, if they get a fail rate of anything above minimal on components, don't change supplier, even though they are paying rock bottom prices?

Now where do you fit in?

I am honestly not trying to be difficult, but I know, as a fella who builds his own computers (mainly to save the hassle of return to base if they go wrong) plus one or two for friends, that I just cannot compete on price with Mesh, never mind Dell

The start of this is the o/s software. I would pay around £50/£60 for oem windows. How much do you pay. Now, how much does Dell pay?

Anybody ready to guess?

I'm not compaining about any of this, just asking what you are trying to achieve?

  Ozzie252 14:34 28 Feb 2006

I see where you are coming from. As for what I'm trying to acheive... I have built around 10 PCs for family and friends and always get them a great spec for a low price, I never charge them for this but always end up supporting any problems they have - how's that work? I do them a favour and end up getting lumbered with support :-| Anyway, I thought well why not make some money from building them, but as I've discovered it's quite a cuthroat industry and it looks like I've failed before I've even started.

Can you give your opinion on what you'd pay for each of these systems?

  Jackcoms 14:39 28 Feb 2006

"80 gb is not of any use now adays put the o/s on and office and a game and thats it full. no monitor no o/s either."


My 3 1/2 year old Dell with up-to-date XP SP2, Office, monitor (obviously!), AV, 3 anti-malware programs and about 30 other programs ranging from Belarc to Google Earth and Adobe (the last 2 being space hoggers) has a 40Gb HDD. I still have over 30Gb of free space.

  961 14:45 28 Feb 2006

The problem I have is that, quite honestly, I just don't know

If I build a computer for myself, I choose the bits and get on with it. If I build for a friend, as you have done, I ask them what they want, built it, charge them for the parts and if it ever goes wrong I fix it. Free

My basic difficulty is that, if I was going to buy a system, as opposed to build one, I'd choose Dell or maybe Novatech. After sales service comparisons lead me to believe I wouldn't choose Mesh or Watford

My great problem about my own next system is that I know I can buy from Dell far cheaper than I can build myself. Where does that leave you, even though I see what you are trying to do and wish you all success?

  namtas 15:26 28 Feb 2006

If I was your accountant I would have to ask are you in it for a hobby or as a profit making business.

If the later, without being unkind, realisticaly you can not compete the odds are against you making it into a viable business. But I admire your trying.

  MidgetMan 15:44 28 Feb 2006

Looking at the min specs for bits & bobs, xp 6gb, office MIN 40gb far cry 4gb (not that it would play on this system, allowing for all the other crud we gather and the swap file windows needs, also bearing in mind that this machine is being targeted at the user who " If you are into music, gaming or photography" i stand by my statement.

As a few people have said Ozzie252 can not compete on price, and in truth the specs as well,

  €dstowe 16:28 28 Feb 2006

I have all my business machines built for me to my specification - mainly because I want top quality components of my choice of brand and type. I pay a lot for my machines but, they are what I want and a commercial supplier wouldn't put up with my finickiness.

It's that sort of business you need to be in - making bespoke, top quality machines a "cut above" the general run of the mill, bared-to-the-bone on quality machines that some suppliers offer.

  wee eddie 16:44 28 Feb 2006

His main income comes from sorting out PCs for folk like me, who do not have more than a very shallow knowledge base.

It cost me marginally more than a PC bought from one of the box shifters,


If anything ever happens, that I cannot handle, I'm near the top of his call-out list. Which is definitely worth the few extra £s I paid.

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