Is This New Spec Good For Gaming?

  [DELETED] 03:27 08 Jun 2006

Ive just gone out and bought a new case, and want to make my own gaming PC. I am about to order the following components:

AMD Athlon 64 BIT X2 3800 Dual Core Socket 939 OEM,
ATI Radeon X850 XT 256MB Platinum Edition PCIe,
Samsung SP0812C 80Gb SATA HARD DRIVE

Overall price: £450
Done some of my own research in to the seperate components, and this is what I came up with. Will this spec be good enough to run games at a good quality?


  [DELETED] 09:51 08 Jun 2006

You don't mention memory........hopefully you will be using 1GB (or more)

Otherwise good..........the X850XT doesn't support Pixel shader 3.0 so you wont be able to try the "next gen" effects such as HDR lighting.Don't let this put you off,I have an X800XT and that plays all the games I have well..including F.E.A.R. and OBLIVION.I don't know what price the card you are buying is but you could also consider an NVidia 7600GT which is one of the best "bang for buck" cards around right now (£140 ish).slightly faster than the card you have picked(unless you add antialiasing)and fully up to date feature wise.

Also for gaming,relatively few games are dual cpu optimised and you could get an Athlon 4000+ for a similar price to a 3800+.It is going to be faster on most games...dual core only really shows its muscle when multitasking.

It's well worth a look at the guides and reviews of cpus and graphics cards on click here

  [DELETED] 11:47 08 Jun 2006

I echo gudgulf.

Problems are experienced by people using x2 processors in games, but not everyone. To be safer the 4000 is a better bet.

Consider 2gig RAM as in a lot of FPS games including BF2 it makes a big difference.

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