inmymind 13:21 19 Dec 2008

Hi all,

Need a new PSU for my PC. My specs are:

Standard ATX case
Pentium D 945 cpu (Going to upgrading this soon, not sure what to yet)
ASUS® P5LD2 SE/C mobo
512MB 9800gtx+ graphics (this hasn't been fitted yet)
plus soundcard, dvd drives etc.

Would like to get one from amazon as i have a few gift vouchers for there. They have an Antec Neopower 650W(although its out of stock at the moment), is that any good. Any thoughts or other suggestions would be much appreciated.


  Rayuk 15:11 19 Dec 2008

Just had a quick look and they appear to be in stock they also have Corsair which is a good brand.

  inmymind 18:30 19 Dec 2008

Oh yeah, so it is. I'd looked at the blue one which was out of stock!

  MAT ALAN 18:49 19 Dec 2008

click here

Don't come much better than this superb build quality and SILENT, more cables and adapters than you know what to do with, and the same model is listed on amazon....

  Joe R 19:16 19 Dec 2008


Got to go with the one MAT ALAN, has linked to.

Have run this 630watt Psu for around 15 months now, and have found it to be impeccable, and the quietest I have heard.

Be aware that, when you boot with this supply for the first time, it boots for a second or so and does checks, and then goes into a full boot cycle.

It can give you a little bit of a scare at first. :)

  MAT ALAN 19:19 19 Dec 2008

I actually run the 580, faultless piece of kit, and no more complaints from the wife about what used to sound like a plane landing in our dining room every time i turned on the PC...

  jarani 20:17 19 Dec 2008


  GaT7 21:36 19 Dec 2008

inmymind, most of the suitable PSUs on Amazon are either out-of-stock, have long despatch dates, are over-priced or from market-place sellers (wouldn't trust the latter for this kind of item).

Though the Novatech Hiper 630W looks good, I feel it's a bit expensive for a non-modular PSU. Also consider a Hiper 530W click here at only £43-44 delivered. You don't need anything more powerful unless overclocking heavily, &/or installing a very powerful GPU (or more than one graphics cards at some stage).

If you're not concerned whether modular or not, may I suggest a 700W FSP FSP700-80GLN for £28.69 (excl del*) from click here (click on the buy link there for the price). More PSUs to choose from in the list.

Btw, your motherboard is probably compatible with the following CPUs click here (couldn't find a SE/C model) - you'll require a BIOS update for some of them. G

* To get FREE delivery at Scan, follow one of these links:
click here
click here

  GaT7 21:38 19 Dec 2008

Amazon have the Hiper 530W PSU too click here for £39, but there's a 2-5 week despatch time! G

  inmymind 08:40 20 Dec 2008

Thanks crossbow and everyone else. Yeah, would prefer a modular psu. Is the antec one no good? Seen quite good reviews for it.

Crossbow, for my motherboard it says on the asus site "Only PCB R2.0(or higher) support Intel® Core™2 processor". What does this mean?


  GaT7 20:12 20 Dec 2008

The Antec one is excellent, but if as available, 'there are others to choose from' is what we meant to say. There are good modular ones starting at £60 at Scan click here - you may want to avoid the Xclio brand, but the others will be absolutely fine.

That's the Rev (revision number) - well spotted.
Have a close look at your motherboard - it'll be printed there click here. G

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