New printer needed to replace Canon i550

  bri-an 16:11 31 Dec 2005

I'm looking for a printer to replace my old Canon i550 - used mainly for letters and some photographs. The i550 was ideal, but now worn out!
I had considered a Canon Pixma ip4200, but was put off when I found it had 'chipped' carts and only 'originals' were available (at considerable cost - a set costs almost as much as the printer, with its carts included!!).
Anyone any suggestions?

  pj123 17:49 31 Dec 2005

Yes, I agree. Which is why I stick with Epson.

You can get Canon ip4200 cartridges here for around £10 each and as you say almost as much as a new printer.

  Stuartli 17:59 31 Dec 2005

I recently got an Epson R300 (same print engine as R200 and 220) after researching compatible cartridges prices (Epson has six cartridges which, at its prices, are close to £50 a set).

I've found several sources selling cartridges at prices from around 99p to £1.99 each - the set I'm using at the moment are the 99p each examples and, so far, I'm impressed with the photos which I've printed.

Trying another brand when these run out.

  bri-an 18:39 31 Dec 2005

I will have a look into the Epson range, was happy with the Canon 'EasyPrint' package though.
Been temporarily using a Dell 720, but it's print layouts do not suit my needs for photo printing (was only £9.99 delivered!!) and I had hoped to keep using a Canon - but not at the 'chipped' prices.
Thanks, guys and a Happy New Year.

  jakimo 19:08 31 Dec 2005

Are often on offer (not every week) at £19-£26 a set of 6 carts, (last set cost me £21.90 incl.del).
they also supply compatible continuous flow ink system kits for heavy users

click here

  Stuartli 20:55 31 Dec 2005

I can get three sets for about £21...:-)


click here

There is an offer for three sets.

I'm using this type of compatible at the moment (supplied with the printer)

  Stuartli 20:56 31 Dec 2005

Just noticed you stated originals...:-(

However, as the normal cost would be at least twice that price I wonder how it's done.....?

  jakimo 21:20 31 Dec 2005

Thats right I said originals,Ive been buying from inktec for 8 months now,and never had a problem.

My first set for the R300 was just £18,I also buy my son & daughters carts from them ( 915\Stylus c86) although the biggest saving has always been for the Rxxx range.

AS they don't always have them, I registered to be emailed when the stock list changed

  jakimo 21:43 31 Dec 2005

I apologise for what seems like taking over your thread. Inktec also have special offers on canon oem carts as well,you just have to keep checking them out.

You can get a free Copy sample print,just email canon a photo and they sent a photo printed on whatever printer you select,epson do the same.

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  Stuartli 22:48 31 Dec 2005

I've been to the Inktec website - original genuine Epson cartridges are £42.90 a set for the R200/300...:-)

click here

I do keep finding the words "original, compatible. remanufactured inkjet cartridges" though....

  961 09:19 01 Jan 2006

I see Epson are currently advertising on the pcadvisor site discounts of up to 40% on their inks if you buy a multipack

Are they finally getting the message and, more importantly, does anyone know if this is a short term offer or more permanent?

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