New Printer - Following Requirements

  Tricky 3003 16:44 12 Apr 2006

Okay I'm after a printer for under 70

With dual trays

Must be able to buy generic/non branded cartridges

Print to CD

And of course fairly good print quality.

Any suggestions?

Kind Regards

  pj123 17:02 12 Apr 2006

Epson R200 or R300. I have the R200 prints direct to CD/DVD (have to buy printable blanks)

Quality very good. I have printed up to A4 from digital photo's.

The R300 has the added advantage that it takes camera memory cards so you can print without the computer being switched on.

R200 click here

Compatible ink click here

  Tricky 3003 17:16 12 Apr 2006

Does it have dual trays?

  pj123 17:36 12 Apr 2006

Sorry, what do you mean by "dual trays"?

The R200 has the normal Automatic feed tray which holds at least 50 sheets and a manual tray for printing direct to CD/DVD.

  Tricky 3003 17:52 12 Apr 2006

I was meaning to seperate feed trays...

Thanks you have answered my question

Any other recommendations before I splash out?

  Stuartli 19:13 12 Apr 2006



click here

Got three sets delivered for under £18 (branded Sumvision of MP3 players and USB pen drives fame) but haven't tried them out yet as still on first batch of another make of compatibles.

  Stuartli 19:14 12 Apr 2006

A full set of six Epson genuine compatibles is around £70; now you are probably aware of why it is trying to stop the sales of compatible cartridges...:-)

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