New printer -digital photography ?

  aramis 10:50 12 Mar 2004

I am looking for a new printer in the £120 to £150 region. Ideally borderless prints, top loading paper tray and up to A4 colour prints.I have seen the PCA top reviewed Canon i865 but was wondering what alternatives were available and best place to buy online.

  aramis 19:15 12 Mar 2004

The Epsom 915 looks interesting. My Son has an Epson and is very pleased with it, especially the running costs. I'm going to PC World tomorrow for some printing paper and hopefully can see one.

  jack 19:26 12 Mar 2004

A recently got an Epson Stylus Photo R300
Super results, but a bit pricey Inkwize
Printer can cost as little £119 but 6 separate carts at £11 ish each is a breath taker
So I got[for free] an old HP510 as secondary printer just for text work.

This is possinlt the best way to go -
Get the Photo Printer of your choice, but hang on to that black bog standard for your text and e-mail.

  aramis 19:40 12 Mar 2004

Thanks ,that's a very good idea . My old HP is still fine for b&w. One thing that still puzzels me the difference between USB and parallel, which is best?

  SantasLittleHelper 20:28 12 Mar 2004

USB ports can move data at a faster rate than parallel ports. USB 2.0 is faster still, but your comp must have a USB 2.0 port to utilise it.

  jakimo 13:59 13 Mar 2004

OEM Epson Stylis Photo R300 cartridges are £9.29 ea. from Seven Day Shop,photo prints and printing directly onto Cds are very good.Its selling at Amazon for £115 with free delivery

  pj123 15:08 13 Mar 2004

Just checked my supplier Choice Stationery for cartridges for the Epson Stylus R300 and they are £5.95 each or buy a "1 of each" pack for £29.95. Delivery is within 2 days. They even email you when it's on its way. At the moment I am staying with the 915.

  aramis 17:38 14 Mar 2004

Thanks for all the advice. In the end I went for the i865 at a very good price

  ensonricky 18:47 14 Mar 2004

Good choice, what price and where from?

  leo49 19:04 14 Mar 2004

"Would advise not to buy from any of the French companies (ie pixmania)"

Why on earth not? I bought a Canon printer from Pixmania 2 weeks ago and the experience couldn't have been better.Ordered Thursday evening,phone call from Pixmania Friday morning to check delivery address and courier delivery on the following Wednesday - all at a price £22 cheaper than the cheapest available in the UK.In fact so impressed was I,that I sent them an email telling them so and they promptly replied with a £10 voucher off my next purchase,followed 2 days ago by another £7 off voucher for my upcoming birthday.

  byfordr 23:25 14 Mar 2004

Seen lots of comments (all negative) on forums, with people being sent wrong cables, french manuals and french spec'd goods. Difficult to return the goods when faults occur. Not used them myself, thinking it wiser to pay a few quid more. I'll leave it to others to make there mind up.

I believe this forums esteemed Stuartli has had problems with them.


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