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  troydi 15:07 18 Jun 2003

I am looking to buy a new printer. I am not very well up on this and I would appreciate the advice. I don't want to spend more than £200, and I use my printer mostly for black and white text, hardly ever for colour, but I would like to have it there just in case. Any ideas?

  fitshase 15:32 18 Jun 2003

If you are mainly going to be printing black and white then go for a laser printer. (click here) have a Samsung ML1210 for £99 inc VAT. It has either a USB or Parallel interface.

Ebuyer (click here) have a Samsung ML4500 for 65.38 inc VAT. It only has a Parallel interface though. (I have one of these and they are very good value for money.)

If you go for any of the laser printers above, you'll have enough money left to buy a colour inkjet printer for when you need to print in colour:-

Ebuyer (click here) have an HP Deskjet 3820 for £63.14 inc VAT. It only has a USB interface. (My girlfriend has one of these and they are a nice neat unit with good print quality).

Total price for the Samsung ML1210 and HP Deskjet 3820 from is £168.32 inc VAT and Delivery.

Total price for the Samsung ML1210 and HP Deskjet 3820 from Ebuyer is £167.61 inc VAT and Delivery.



  fitshase 15:34 18 Jun 2003

Sorry, forgot to say that I have put the ML1210 in because of the USB interface which will be easier to set up and "hot swap".



  Mango Grummit 23:30 18 Jun 2003

Shame when someone justs ticks resolved with no comment. You did a nice job there fitshase, good advice, deserved a simple thanks at least but that's life!!

  rins36 23:53 18 Jun 2003

There are lots of postings on here re "printers" either advice of or new

I agree with Mango Grummit......a thought of thanks goes a long way

  rins36 23:55 18 Jun 2003

Also the poster took the 1st reply given at a guess there could of been more choices/postings before clicking the "resolved"

  troydi 10:23 19 Jun 2003

Very sorry for the trouble I seem to have caused! Thank you very much Fitshase, it was good advice, and I know that I could have waited a bit before resolving, but I also noticed many printer postings and read them too. Twas late, not a good excuse, I know, but that's the truth.

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