New price increases fromVirginmedia

  birdface 17:44 12 Feb 2010

As from 1st April some of the new prices that will affect us.
[I think that they got the day right.]

click here

looks like it will add £2 or £3 odds to the average user's bill.

It will be interesting to see what o2 start charging for their home phone and broadband package from next month.

  GaT7 18:08 12 Feb 2010

"It will be interesting to see what o2 start charging for their home phone and broadband package from next month."

It will be. These were the proposed charges posted last month click here. G

  birdface 18:38 12 Feb 2010

Got to be a lot cheaper than virgin.I think they charge £11.99 line rental for their phone then you have to pay for the package.

From o2.

This means that if you’re an O2 mobile customer you’ll be able to get our standard broadband package and Evening & Weekend calls for just £17 per month, including line rental.
Worth watching anyway.I can see them loosing a lot of their big customers who have the large packages.
My daughter pays about £70 a month and there is no way that she will pay any more for their services.
I can see quite a few of their good customers heading elsewhere.

  GaT7 19:03 12 Feb 2010

I just had a closer look at the O2 packages click here & click here - it doesn't look that good.

I get Caller Display & Voicemail for free with BT (I think), but O2 will be charging an extra £3 & £1 per month respectively for the privilege.

And I don't know if they allow other access numbers to go via their service - the likes of 1899 & 18185 or even the other 0844/0871 numbers one gets via the MSE call-checker click here. G

  birdface 20:31 12 Feb 2010

They have been getting a few complaints about the Caller Display charges from those on BT so they may do away with that.
20mb Broadband for £10 thats £10 cheaper than virgin just for that.
I think virgin and sky could loose quite a few customers.

  Input Overload 20:41 12 Feb 2010

Not with a 50 MegBit connection they want, at least from me.

  GaT7 20:42 12 Feb 2010

Yes, but note that the 20Mb £10/month is assuming one is an O2 mobile customer as well (with a £10 minimum top-up every quarter if on PAYG). Otherwise it's £5 extra each month. Is that still better than Sky?

If a new customer gets substantial cashback as well (via click here / click here for example), then I think it'll really be worthwhile. That's another £4 off each month on average. G

  birdface 20:47 12 Feb 2010

Hi.Unable to open your last 2 click here's.
probably my fault as a squared has stopped me going into quite a few sites for security reasons.

  rdave13 21:16 12 Feb 2010

With greatest respect get rid of that A2. It's rubbish I ditched years ago and looks as it is still the same rubbish.
Just my experience with it.

  GaT7 21:29 12 Feb 2010

"With greatest respect get rid of that A2."

Oh! And while you're at it, WOT as well ;-).

The cashback on those sites is £50 btw - & has been up to £100 in the not so distant past.

I think I'll have to communicate with you via screenshots in the future. That's if you don't follow rdave13's & my suggestions. G

  birdface 21:52 12 Feb 2010

Can't blame WOT this time as I could not open them.So all down to A Squared which I would not part with.
Apart from stopping all of the baddies from getting in unfortunately it stops a few of the goodies as well.
A small price to pay for keeping your computer clean.
I could not open any click here's yesterday on IE8 so its a bit of an improvement.
Just had a brainwave and used Firefox and was able to open them on there.
I get there eventually.

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