New premium rate text scam revealed

  TopCat® 16:52 29 Mar 2012

Thought it worthwhile to inform consumers of another 'nasty' that could cost them excess money. TC. beware!

  birdface 17:22 29 Mar 2012


The wife got a phone call from the docters surgery this morning just updating her address and phone numbers.

Thought it a bit funny when they asked for her mobile number and if she wanted a text message sent to remind her the date of her appointments.

Probably nothing to do with the mobile problem but will go down to the doctors tomorrow to check it out.

The doctors used to have an 0448 number and got rid of it because of all of the complaints this is probably an other way of making cash for them.

Even if it is legit I will cancel the text message just in case.

  Forum Editor 22:17 29 Mar 2012

"Thought it a bit funny when they asked for her mobile number and if she wanted a text message sent to remind her the date of her appointments."

This is a common method of reminding people about appointments, it's used by many doctors and dentists. My dentist has been doing it for several years.

  birdface 08:38 30 Mar 2012

Forum Editor

Just wondering if it could be a ladies first scenario as they never phoned me with the same offer.

I know that you can book an appointment on line now.At least I think that they have started it.

But never knew about the text messages.

What made it a bit iffy for me was it is almost impossible to phone them to get an appointment with your own doctor. And to get a phone call from them was just about unheard of since we moved in here 35 years ago.

  Strawballs 19:31 30 Mar 2012

My dentist took my mobile number when I registered and I get a text with their number a few days before asking to phone and confirm the appointment is still required.

  Terry Brown 08:53 01 Apr 2012

My doctor and dentist both use the text system for reminders or for when (if) you are waiting for results to call for an appointment.

No problems at all- just more convienent.


  Terry Brown 08:59 01 Apr 2012

Another scam you might fall for is when you are called and you are asked to press a key to speak to someone (or get get more info)- you are connected (from your phone line) to a premium number.

Also when you want to check a number(on your land line) and you dial 1471 to get the number, if you press 3 -as requested- you are charged at a much higher rate than standard.


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