new pc - which one!!!!!????

  bludywoman 23:16 05 Jan 2005

Okay folks, lets lay this on the line before I start - I am NO pc whizz. I bought a 'Tiny' package 3 years ago - and got badly 'singed'! Then they 'disappeared' b4 I could rectify whole problem! the end of the day I now need a faster and reliable computer. I have more or less decided on DELL......but haven't got a clue what to go for. I believe a P4 would be better than Athlon (bad experiences with Athlon from Tiny - unstable....until they swapped for a P3!).....I want one that is going to be fast.....usage mainly for 'doing' my photos, surfing net, kids play some games, general good all rounder......I do see that Dell do a 'bargain' section but dont know what to look for without spending 'wads'!...Any ideas?.

  TomJerry 00:01 06 Jan 2005

just make sure you get good graphics card if your kids are boys which play graphics intensive games.

you can even pick up a nice package from ToysRUs

AMD CPU is as good as Intel and more cost effective.

Generally speaking

AMD: good for games and number crunching

Intel: good for video/audio encording/editing

Office Applications: no difference

  Total Care Support 13:05 06 Jan 2005

Hi bludywoman,

I sorry that you had a bad experience with the previous owners of the Brand name Tiny,
In January 2002 O.T Computers the owners at that time of the brand name Tiny passed into liquidation, Granville Technology bought the name from the official receivers. If you could email with the spec of system you are looking for, what you would want to use the system for, and any questions that you may have regarding systems, I can offer advice on our systems.

This will simply be advice, with no sales man involved, if you could also contain details of the system you purchased from O.T. Computers, as in invoice postcode, I will see if there is anything we can do to assist you.

My contact details are given below.

Best regards

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology
[email protected]

  Starfox 15:05 06 Jan 2005

Enter Tiny into the search box at the top of this page for enlightenment.

  Starfox 15:06 06 Jan 2005

Sorry that should have been Dell

  bfoc 15:57 06 Jan 2005

If you gave an idea of a budget because it is easier to work out the best specification for a given budget.

Having said that, if extended support is important to you then do make sure you factor that into the cost - in other words ensure you compare quotes on a like for like basis. A machine may seem cheaper but another machine may include items (Win XP Recovery disk, longer warranty etc)that are extras elsewhere. If you would like these items include the costs in the comparison.

Almost any large manufacturer will have some 'problem' machines and the key, for me, is how they resolve the problems.

In my personal experience Evesham have been very good (and they have a presence here), Dell can deal quite well with straightforward problems and their technical support people in Ireland have been very helpful. Tiny, in its previous incarnation, did not impress me but they now have a very active prescence here. I have had two bad experiences with Mesh but many people here would swear by (not at) their machines!

I am sure my experience is no more typical, or valuable, than anyone elses!

  the_ging_king 16:59 06 Jan 2005

I had a laptop bought for me from PC World and since then it has been taken back to base for repairs 6 times, in fact it's currently away for repairs as the keyboard stopped working. The knowledge and dedication to service is terrible. In future I will buy a desktop from evesham or any company that offer on site repairs who know what they are doing!

  TomJerry 19:22 06 Jan 2005

as pointed out by bfoc, any big manufacturer will do odd event of very bad machine.

with PC World, at least you know where to send back the stuff

  Q22 21:06 06 Jan 2005

Hi folks, I'm new to this so please bear with me. I've a similar situation to `bludywoman' as I need to update my very old and tired system on a limited budget. I've been looking at Mesh Matrix's 2800+ & 2600+, Dell's Dimension 5000 and Evesham's Evolution Style (although the latter is slightly beyond my budget).The kids use it mainly for the net and games, and as I know very little of what spec to look for in a system (let alone understand it !) I would appreciate any advise on offer.

  TomJerry 21:25 06 Jan 2005

good graphics is must if your kids are boys who into graphics intensive games

£700 Matrix 64 3000+ NYX click here

this is the best value for money game PC around

Q22, what budget you are working one, people may ork out a solution for you if the budget is set

  TomJerry 21:53 06 Jan 2005

£334.9 Base Unit from PCWorld: PACKARD BELL AMD SEMPRON 2600+ Model - PACKARD BELL 1302
Product Code - 891038 click here

A few upgrades from Ebuyer

£20.2 Memory 256MB: Ebuyer 256MB DDR PC2700 333MHz 184pin Extra Value Ram click here

£164.49 A nice 17" LCD game monitor Ebuyer LM17C 17ins TFT Multimedia 16ms 400:1 Black & Silver click here

£56.12 A good game graphcs card: Radeon 9600 128mb Ddr - Agp8x Dvi/tv-out click here

£576.84 get you a nice powerful game PC

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