New pc specs your opinion

  summer1976 15:57 28 Apr 2004

I've just purchased a EMACHINES 4210 INTEL CELERON 2.8GHz PC AND 15" TFT MONITOR.
And I was wondering if I could get some opinions on the specs.

Do you think it's good enough for burning movies and songs, (not that I would do anything illegal)!! so I can play them on my dvd player, (btw my dvd player plays all formats so that won't be a problem. Will it take long to burn the movies etc onto disc?

What type of cd's will I have to buy to do so? Can I use re-writable ones?

I'll mainly be using the pc for browsing the web and playing the odd game. I wanted something that would compliment my broadband as my current pc is a dinosour, you'd laugh if I told you the specs.

Intel Celeron 2.8GHz Processor

512Mb RAM Memory

80Gb Hard Drive

DVD-RW Drive

128Mb ATi Radeon 9200Graphics Card

6 USB Connections

15' TFT Monitor

Microsoft Works v6.0, Money 2003

Windows XP Home Operating System

Processor Type Intel Celeron
Processor speed 2800 mhz
RAM Memory 512 mb
Hard Disk Capacity 80 Gb
Drives Fitted DVDRW
Graphics card memory 128 mb
Viewable Screen Size 15' TFT inches
Operating system Win XP Home
Software included Yes
Graphics Description ATi Radeon 9200
CD Speed (CDR, CDRW, CDROM) 16,10,40
DVD Speed (DVDR,DVDRW,DVDROM) Not Specified
Modem Yes
No of USB connections 6
No of PCI Slots 3
No of Firewire Sockets 0
Sound Card Onboard Sound
Speakers Included Yes
TV Tuner Not Specified
Graphics port 8x AGP
3D accelerator graphics Yes
Keyboard Yes
Mouse Yes
Weight 10.5 kg
Height 360 mm
Width 185 mm
Depth 410 mm
Onboard LAN No
Win XP home pre-installed.
Win XP home software included Yes

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:34 28 Apr 2004

'Will it take long to burn the movies etc onto disc?'.......from 20 minutes to 40 minutes, depends on the lenght of the DVD, extras etc. and I assume the drive is a 2 or 4 times.

'What type of cd's will I have to buy to do so?' any will do though a quality name might be longer lasting. I use ones from makro at £17 for 100. I've used over 2000 so far with virtually no coasters.

'Can I use re-writable ones?'...they can be a pain in CD players. they are great for backing up data but for muzak use CDRs.

'I'll mainly be using the pc for browsing the web and playing the odd game.'... the PC has more than enough specs for what you need. You may get the odd gamer muttering but take no notice, if you are a real gaming anorak you would be using Nitrogen cooling ;-)))


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