New PC Purchased

  Wuggy 22:53 29 Jun 2005

I have been scouring the internet for the last 10 days looking to purchase a new PC and eventually settled on an upgraded version of the Perfecta 7200 from Aries (Watford Electronics). I noticed that there were a couple of discrepancies on the web page relative to that PC - the headline spec said there was 1024 MB RAM fitted but when reaching the configuration page it was only 512 MB and the other 512 was extra. Also the price mysteriously increased by £24 + VAT when moving from the spec page to the checkout basket with no explanation of why.
I e-mailed Aries twice asking them to explain these anaomalies. 48 hours later I'm still waiting so I suspect there will be little chance of hearing from them if there is ever a problem if they can't even contact me when I'm trying to make a purchase. While killing time waiting for a reply I was browsing the threads in Consumerwatch and followed a thread to a deal from Dell for their latest 5100 PC. It fitted my spec exactly (except no floppy) so contacted Dell, got all the info I needed straight away and have now ordered said PC.

  Wuggy 22:59 29 Jun 2005

Part 2
Just goes to show that the companies who pay a bit of attention to Customer Service get the orders and those who don't seem to bother get left at the starting post. As far as the floppy is concerned I'll probably buy a USB floppy (perhaps even from Watford Electronics if they can get their act together) as I saved about £100 buying from Dell. The only downside is that their software bundle is very poor compared to what I could have got at relatively low cost from Aries - but I'll live with that and the warranty is better as well being Collect and return rather than RTB.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:51 30 Jun 2005

Don't be over concerned about the software bundle; for the most part a lot of it will not be used. Was there anything in particular that you wanted? I think that there are enough freeware alternatives around these days.

Good luck with it - Dell have some top class offers at times.

  Jackcoms 20:46 30 Jun 2005

Good choice.

As far as I'm concerned Dell have always been a bit more expensive - but they are the dog's dangly bits of PCs/laptops.

  Pooke 23:34 30 Jun 2005

Yep, that's I'll be heading for my next PC.

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