New PC, minimum spec?

  PC iliterate 17:27 01 Jun 2005

My old PC was bought in '98 and is way past it's sell by date. So, it is time for a new one but things have moved on so far I am a bit bewildered as to what I really need. I will be surfing the net via broadband, the kids will want some game playing capability, but nothing too strenuous yet as they are only 10 and 7. The oldest will use it for doing schoolwork and stuff so I probably need MS Office. We have a digital camera so something that can handle photos and I have an IPOD so something that can handle songs for that.

I would like to pitch my purchase at a spec that is not brand new but is not already a year out of date. So, I don't want to pay for the absolute latest thing, but I want it to have some shelf life.

Finally I am thinking of around £750 but could go higher (up to £1000) if it was necessary.

Any advice would be welcome.


  Joe R 17:44 01 Jun 2005

click here
click here

Both of these will do all that you require and more.

  Charence 18:52 01 Jun 2005

Computer - click here

17" Monitor - click here

It would probably be a good idea to opt for at least 512MB memory and buy a firewire port for your iPod. The Savastore PC includes an office suite, however you may want to purchase MS Office click here .

  961 19:13 01 Jun 2005

For something with shelf life buy 939 pin AMD system with PCI Express

You need 512 memory & USB2. A firewire card can be bought for under £20 or specified as an add on when you buy

You don't need to spend more than your £750. How old is the monitor you have?

  PC iliterate 09:21 02 Jun 2005

Thanks for the responses so far.

I am interested that people are suggesting the AMD rather than pentium, is there a reason for that?

Summarising what responses I have had it looks like I want:

AMD 3000 or 3200 (not pentium 4?)
17" flat screen monitor (mine is the original from 1998)
512 or 1024 meg RAM
120 or 160 Gig HD
128 or 256 graphics card

Would that sound about right?

thanks again.

  961 09:43 02 Jun 2005

AMD cheaper, just as fast if not faster. Having said that some manufacturers use Intel and if you find similar spec with Intel that's not a problem. Dell for instance uses Intel and often has offers on the web

Your spec is fine

It is often worthwhile to get a second basic optical drive as well as the DVD drive so that you can move stuff such as photos directly from one disc to another without having to put them on the hard drive first

  J33 19:53 14 Jun 2005

For photo editing I find that 10124 MB RAM is much more effective. Almost evermy new PC comes with a number of USB ports to accomodate your Ipod. However few PC's come with the full MS Office many come with a 60 day trial and MS Works. Besides for MS Office it shouldnt be to difficult to find a PC with these specs.

If you are willing to try something new why not try a mac. Mac's generally are very good for photo editing and come with a fully of and Ilife package. All be it macs are generally more expensive.

  pauldonovan 15:00 16 Jun 2005

...about 500 quid. I've just recommended a Dell Pentium 3.2 ghz with 512 MB RAM and 17" screen to a colleague and it was less than 500 quid delivered.

I work in IT and I'm a bit of an enthusiast and until recently I was doing some fairly advanced photo editing on an Athlon XP 1800 with 512MB Ram which I sold on ebay with a 17" TFT for £180 quid.

Don't believe the hype...unless you are heavily into Games etc. then I wouldn't spend more than 500 quid on a Dell PC.

I disagree with the 'AMD Cheaper' views, it depends on who the reseller is and you can't just consider the money - find me an equivalent spec to what i've summarised above with Dell (I'm sure someone will) from a leading Brand for less than the 500 quid dell and I'd consider it.

  wee eddie 15:16 16 Jun 2005

will save you £300.00, There is a thread here somewhere about adding Access to the Student Pack
click here but it's not much help.

You need to search as getting the Pro Edition, with Access and Publisher, at a reduced price is worth the trouble.

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