New PC - help please, I'm sinking

  Stevie B 24 16:10 01 Oct 2005

Hi, I'm new to this computer malarkey and these forums but taking the plunge into buying home PC - I use a Mac at work and last PC was about 10 years ago.

Budget £500 - £600, like the sound of an AMD Athlon 64 over Pentium, must have decent 17in flat monitor, will be using it for internet, music downloads and some gaming.

Read loads of reviews but am sinking under morass of information - stuff about watford, mesh having poor after sales. Seems to me that Dell's prices never seem to be as advertised, evesham a bit pricier than others.

Am trying to avoid the Comet/Dixons/Currys/PC World route. So .... which one?


  anchor 16:47 01 Oct 2005

Duplicate posting; this is already in helproom.

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  DuncanG 16:48 01 Oct 2005

Stevie, my home pc was custom built but my work machine and laptop are both Dell and very impressed with the qaulity of the machines.

Prices are very competitive from what i see, though be carefull about speccing extras as this is where they seem to make thir money!!

  wee eddie 18:01 01 Oct 2005

Stick with it.

The Mini is within your budget.

  stylehurst 16:52 02 Oct 2005

Have a look at Novatech; good service

  Knikerbeine 17:45 02 Oct 2005

Novatech click here as recommended by stylehurst,make some decent pc's.

Kustom pc's are not bad either click here

click here for a list of pc manufacturers ratings.

  [email protected] 20:14 02 Oct 2005

I am happy with Evesham (using 3rd PC from them & it's the 9th in our family) & their tech support is first rate and at a non premium rate- Although stated as "more expensive" you have to weigh all factors. Recently a friend told me she wanted a new PC for £500. She was interested in a Dell one for £499. I checked out Evesham but was looking at around £699. When her husband ordered he ended up paying £730 for the £499 model (with a warranty etc) this also involved "Downsizing" the screen! Like for like the Evesham deal was actually better in the end (quite a bit so ) but she was looking initially at a £499 versus £699 price tag.
I am not knocking Dell, just saying that you should make a list of what you want and then get an exact price from each place before you choose where to order.

  HXP 23:24 02 Oct 2005

They test a lot of machines and have best buys in varous price ranges .... I would take their rec buys but my own personal favourite is Carrera

click here


  Stevie B 24 13:09 04 Oct 2005

Many thanks for replies.

The PC manufacturers ratings list was very useful, but the more I think about it the more I agree with wee eddie 'Stick with a Mac'.

I've used Macs at work for 15 years and like the sound of the Mac Mini for internet, burning music etc, but the lack of availability of software and games, and non-compatability with PCs, is bugging me.

I'm balancing that against the fact that viruses aren't a problem (or hardly a problem) with a Mac, and I love the ease of a Mac. Also my daughter's homework might be tricky to do on a Mac when everything is PC-geared at school.

What does anyone think to Mac v PC - or shouldn't I worry overtly about viruses etc? Can any TFT screen be used with Mac Mini, or does it have to be an Apple version?

I'm thinking of getting a Mac Mini for me and also a cheap laptop for my daughter to use for word processing, some games (laptops aren't geared up for gaming are they?) and web browsing. Or am I wasting cash on both (I can't really afford it).


  [email protected] 13:29 04 Oct 2005

If you buy a decent anti-virus software package, you shouldn't really have a problem on your PC, so I wouldn't overly worry about that (Touchwood I've been using the internet for over 10 years now and have been sent two virus both of which were caught by McAffee and Norton respectively).How old is your daughter and what sort of level of study is she at?

  [email protected] 13:30 04 Oct 2005

PS Are you getting a new budget if going for a mini mac and a laptop?

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