New to pc gaming

  Bennett1997 21:28 02 Dec 2014

I'm new to pc gaming and I am buying my first pc build from a local shop in scottland and I want to know if these specs are good and if so how mutch would you pay preferably in pounds £ just so I know if I'm paying to much

Cpu Intel i7 4790k oem Hard drive 3.5" 2tb Motherboard gigabyte h81m-h socket 1150 Windows 8.1 x64 Cooler retail silent Gfx nvidia gtx 970 4gb Dvdrw - 22 speed Ram ddr3 8gb 1600Mhz

  lotvic 11:43 03 Dec 2014

If you do a websearch of your components you will get their individual prices and their specs (for instance the Gfx nvidia gtx 970 4gb is a high end graphic card) and then you have to add on the shop's building labour cost and testing of complete unit. Also don't forget the cost of the op system and the case and the cables etc.

  Bennett1997 12:47 03 Dec 2014

Ok well I will do that but I am new to pc gaming and would like to know from your point of view is this a good setup ??

  lotvic 14:49 03 Dec 2014

I can't answer that as the choices are so vast and so are the games hardware needs. Hopefully someone else with more knowledge will post with advice.

Have you tried some of the game forums to see what specs others have?

  Bennett1997 15:04 03 Dec 2014

Ok thanks for the help anyway

  chub_tor 16:02 03 Dec 2014

There is a website where you can put your parts into it and you can get an idea of price without labour. You can buy "Gaming machines" from £400 to £2,000 - it just depends on which games you want to play and at what resolution. Start by deciding which games you want to play and looking at their minimum and recommended requirements.

This forum won't let me post the website as it thinks it is spam but Google for uk parts picker and you should find it.

  Bennett1997 17:22 03 Dec 2014

I have already put the deposit down on this pc bro

  Gordon Freeman 13:47 06 Dec 2014

I've got a similar spec machine (i7/4790K Processor), although I have a SSD drive (1Tb), and 16gb RAM.

My graphics is older than the one you're considering, but I'm able to run all latest games, no problems at all: Far Cry 4, Call of Duty, etc. If the costs are reasonable, then just get the PC built & enjoy your machine.

If budget allows, I would definitely get yourself SSD as these are superb (1TB Samsung EVO 840 - c.£200+), and have the 2TB HDD as some form of back-up. As for DVDRW, not sure I'd bother. I've had one for years but it's hardly been used.

Make sure your mobo allows you to increase your RAM if/when you feel the need to add more, or just get it added to the build now & save any messing about.

  rdave13 17:24 06 Dec 2014

I'll go with Gordon Freeman, but a 250 Gig SSD would more than suffice. Secondary drive (ordinary sata drive) should be 7200 RPM not 5400 RPM.

This SSD at £88 should be good enough as the C:\ drive so install the games on the other ordinary drive.

Win 8.1 prefers to install apps on the C: drive and some games in the store can take a few GBs.

Enjoy your PC :)

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