New PC for around £650?

  Launch 22:44 06 Jan 2010

Hi everyone, me and my dad have been looking to get a new PC for a while as this current one is having a lot of problems and we'd just like an upgrade.

We're looking for something around £600-£650, preferably from a website that builds them such as click here or click here because we have no idea about building a PC.

On PC Specialist we found this, click here it seems decent enough, but we'd like a second opinion and possibly even an upgrade around the same price.

We're looking for something with Windows 7, a 500GB or so hard drive, 4GB of RAM and a decent graphics card, motherboard etc, which is the main reason I'm here. I have pretty much no idea how good different graphics cards are, and I'd like something that can run a game like Team Fortress 2 on medium-high. I won't be trying to run something like Crysis on high, and I'd be happy enough with a steady FPS above 30 in TF2. My dad will be using AutoCAD a lot in the next year or so, but I think that's less demanding than gaming anyway. No monitor is needed.

Well, I think that's everything, if any other information is needed just ask. Thanks in advance for any replies.

  KremmenUK 07:18 07 Jan 2010

Novatech iRush for me at that price.

click here

  OneTwoThreeFour 13:49 07 Jan 2010

Snap! click here

  GaT7 14:35 07 Jan 2010

Compared to the PCS one you linked to, this one //click here at Overclockers appears better for a similar price. It has all branded components (including a quality Corsair PSU), a better graphics card & possibly CPU, being a quad-core. DDR2/3 RAM won't really matter too much in a system like this.

The one thing going for the PCS PC is the better motherboard, which supports more than one graphics card (in nVidia SLI mode). But it's something you may never feel the need to upgrade to for the life of the PC. If you do, the PSU will need to be upgraded as well at additional cost.

The Novatech ones look good, but unfortunately they don't include an OS for those prices, & the graphics card on the first is not recommended at all. Adding an OS & suitable graphics card is going to take it well past the £700 mark. G

  Launch 17:54 07 Jan 2010

Thanks for the replies, looking through those it seems as though these two are the best: click here and click here

The Chillblast one seems quite good, especially with the free monitor and stuff. With upgrading the PSU and the graphics card on that to the 4890 they're both about the same price.

Is there much of a difference in the things like the processor or motherboard? I've tried searching them but I can't really figure out how they do in comparison to each other. Also, is the Chillblast PC capable of 64-bit? I'm guessing it is because it's selectable but I just want to be sure.

  GaT7 19:15 07 Jan 2010

Yes, the Chillblast (CB) one looks good too, but some of their components aren't branded: RAM, case & PSU. The OC one has a better motherboard & CPU - a full ATX & quad-core respectively.

The CB one is ~£585 delivered, with the better GPU+PSU, but without the monitor (you said this is not required?), which makes it very good value for money. Or, ~£480 with the spec as it is & just removing the monitor.

So it's a toss up between better components & better quality. TF2 doesn't need a monster spec/graphics card (click here), so the HD4870 could well be overkill. You could easily go for a less powerful graphics card - e.g. a GT240 / HD4670 - that'll produce less noise & heat. With the money saved you could go in for a nice, large 24" monitor perhaps. Or, just save.

"Also, is the Chillblast PC capable of 64-bit?"

Yes, it is. Most mainstream CPUs since 2003/4 have been 64-bit - this is the main component required to run a 64-bit OS. G

  rhythm123 20:12 07 Jan 2010

PC around £600-£650 can be a good buy. Assembling PC is the best way to get good quality devices. It comes with up our choices.

  Launch 18:46 08 Jan 2010

Thanks again.

Since I won't need a really great graphics card, I think I'll go with the Titan Krypt click here= because a better motherboard and CPU will probably benefit me more overall. With Windows 7, it's a total cst of £618.48. Are there any reasons I shouldn't get this?

  GaT7 20:12 08 Jan 2010

For your needs, I would go for the Primo Flare click here for £488 (with Win7) with a quad-core CPU, & add a GT240 with GDDR5 (as against GDDR3) for £65-72 click here. That'll be ~£560 in total.

As I said in an earlier post, the HD4870 will be overkill & likely to produce a lot of noise & heat.

If you must spend more, get an external hard drive of at least 500Gb click here for backups.

Btw, will you be installing many add-on cards in the PC - things like a dedicated soundcard, TV tuner, etc? G

  Launch 21:30 08 Jan 2010

We don't need any extra cards and those two things you linked seem good. We're probably just going to keep the rest of our money. Overclockers seems to be able to change the graphics card in that PC to the GT240, so we'll probably get them to do it for an extra £7.

  GaT7 21:44 08 Jan 2010

"Overclockers seems to be able to change the graphics card in that PC to the GT240, so we'll probably get them to do it for an extra £7."

Which PC - the Titan Krypt or Primo Flare?

If it's the former, is the overall price going to increase by £7, i.e. 618.48 + 7?

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