New PC & Graphics Card - Trying Not To Downgrade

  Tacobelly 14:31 21 Sep 2013

In the past I've made the mistake of buying a new desktop PC only to find out that my old upgraded one was actually better than the brand new stock one so hoping for a little help please. I get the gist of what's what but really not enough to make a proper informed decision.

Current: Pentium Dual Core E5400 2.7GHz, 64-Bit Windows 7 Home Premiumm 4Gb RAM, Sapphire 4650 512Mb Graphics Card

Potential: HP 110-052ea - Intel Core i3-3240T processor, Windows 8, 8Gb RAM, Intel HD Graphics

From benchmark sites the processor seems considerably better and the RAM speaks for itself but the graphics card is the big query. For starters, I can't seem to find specs anywhere to tell me what slots/types of slots the 110-052ea machine has for the purpose of taking a new card or is it all standardized now? I was looking at the Sapphire HD 7750 which seems to be the direct upgrade from my old one that has served me fairly well for the last few years and fits in the budget.

  Tacobelly 15:31 21 Sep 2013

Forgot to post these the first time.

HP 110-052ea Specs: click here HD 7750 Specs: click here


  rdave13 15:58 21 Sep 2013

Be careful as from what I could find the mobo doesn't support PCI Express, ie has no PCI-E socket to upgrade the GPU.

See here

and mobo specs.

  Tacobelly 16:02 21 Sep 2013

That's probably why I couldn't find anything about what PCI-E slots it has :( Okay thanks, I'll keep looking for another machine.

  rdave13 16:14 21 Sep 2013

For about the same price have a look at this one, click here, and this is the mobo, Asus. Just something to compare.

  Tacobelly 16:19 21 Sep 2013

Okay then how about this: click here Elite Quad Core A10-5700 3.4GHz, 8Gb RAM, Windows 8 64 Bit. AMD HD 7660D

Under the expansion section of the specs it has 1 x PCI-e x 16 Slot, 1 x PCI-e x 1 Slots, 1 x PCI Slot. The benchmarks for the 7660D (presumably integrated?) are showing much lower than the 7750 but since it supports PCI-E I should be ok with the upgrade right? Only trouble now is I've never heard of Zoostorm although that might just be personal ignorance.


  rdave13 16:29 21 Sep 2013

The PSU is naff.

  Tacobelly 16:42 21 Sep 2013

You could buy an after market one at a later date though right? What sort of issues would you have with that one?

  rdave13 17:00 21 Sep 2013

The PC is fine for the money but you will need to add a new PSU if you're going to add a dedicated GPU.

  Tacobelly 17:12 21 Sep 2013

I appreciate the help so far thanks, you can see why I was a bit cautious to just to do this blindly :) I was looking at this for a cheap and cheerful but silent 400w supply (which is what the card spec says is needed) but again I'm not 100% on if it's compatible.

1]: [click here

  rdave13 17:33 21 Sep 2013

I wouldn't buy a cheap and cheerful one and the minimum I buy is 500 watt. You'll need to find out the physical dimensions of the original one to be sure it will fit as the case is a micro ATX. I would ask ebuyer for advice on this. With some of these smaller cases it can be quite difficult to change the PSU.

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