New PC Advice please, Budget £750

  AlAndrews 20:41 15 Jun 2008

Hi, I need to get a new PC, looking to spend £750 max.

I would like 22" LCD and a nice speedy all round PC.

Will be used for some graphic work Photoshop etc, some gaming and a bit of home video editing.

Looked at Mesh but the poor service mention here has put me off.: click here

I've configured this at Cougar as the seem to have lots of happy customers:
ntel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16 GHz 6Mb Cache,
4GB Kingston DDR2 667 - 2 x 2GB single modules, 500GB SATA Hard Drive,
512Mb Nvidia 8500GT graphics card DX10,
C2D - ASROCK CONROE 1333fsb-DDR667x2 integrated motherboard, 2 x DVD+/- RW - 20X (pioneer 115D), 22 inch (DVI) AMW TFT 5ms widescreen X2210WDS, Wireless Optical Deskset DS-3400D,
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 PCI 7.1,
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premiem (OEM)

I'd welcome any thought or comments.


  citadel 21:43 15 Jun 2008

I would change the psu to a corsair as this will be quieter and give stability on the power rails.
8500gt is not much good for games.

  GaT7 01:15 16 Jun 2008

I'd get a better branded monitor from elsewhere - they're ~£130-150.

What kind of games are you considering playing?

Have you considered building it yourself? You'll probably get better value & better allround quality. G

  AlAndrews 08:21 16 Jun 2008

Thanks Crossbow7, is there a particular monitor you'd recommend?

Games wise nothing hardcore just a bit of Call of Duty 4 etc.


  GaT7 11:45 16 Jun 2008

For CoD4 I'd recommend a 8800GT 512Mb or similar (anyone putting a 8500GT in a 'gaming' PC are kidding themselves & their customers). You may have to get a slightly lesser CPU to accomodate it - a Q6600 quad-core even.

You could also get a PC with the most basic graphics card & the lowest memory they offer (512Mb) & get better replacements from elsewhere, e.g.:

- 8800GT 512Mb click here = £100
- Corsair 2x2Gb 800Mhz XMS2 RAM
click here = £60

Get a motherboard with 4 RAM slots & 8Gb capacity for future upgrades if ever needed.

And definitely go for a better PSU as citadel says.

22" monitor recommendations for ~£125:

- Hanns-G HG216DP (with DVI & HDMI) click here = £126 after Quidco cashback click here (I have the 19" model purchased for £100 almost 2 years ago, & it's never skipped a beat)
- HP L2208W (VGA only) click here = £125 after HP cashback

How much will you be paying for the spec you posted in your initial post btw? G

  AlAndrews 17:57 16 Jun 2008

Thanks Crossbow7,

The original spec was £750 from Cougar and the Mesh £699

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