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  sierra 17:04 18 Jul 2003

I am leaning strongly towards Evesham for my new pc because of the past good service i have received from them. However, i want to keep an open mind and get some unbiased opinions.
I have £1000 to spend and am looking for a pc that will allow me to store and work on a large number of digital photos.It must be able to print at the same time wihout slowing to a crawl. I am not too concerned with a fancy sound system or playing games.
Because of space i would like a 17" TFT.
A dvd multidrive is a must as is a good warranty & service.
Any suggestions please.

  Sir Radfordin 17:23 18 Jul 2003

Your unlikely to find unbiased opinions here or anywhere else.

Dell, Mesh, Time, Evesham et al are all well known and 95% of the time are good companies to deal with.

There are others who are less well known who may or may not be better or worse.

There is always the option of building yourself or getting a local shop to do so for you.

Find the right PC at a price you are happy to pay and do so. There are always risks.

  pj123 20:32 18 Jul 2003

Try here. click here Nothing to do with me but I have bought from them and the support is good.

  Sir Radfordin 22:17 18 Jul 2003

click here and you say that the link given above is a website you have designed. I'd have said that makes a link between you and the company ;)

  pj123 23:07 18 Jul 2003

Sir Radfordin. Understand what you say. But I build websites for many companies (10 at the moment) but I do not favour any one of them above another. I also recommend choicestationery, tonezone, cartex, anglianinternet, martins, staples but never PC World. That doesn't make me linked to them.

  rev.bem 23:32 18 Jul 2003

I bought from here and received excellent service.

click here

  rins36 00:17 19 Jul 2003

I bought a new pc from click here and not had any probs with the pc.

I had to contact the store once re a cd that had not been supplied and that was sorted out really quick

X amount of Pics are stored on the said pc, check out the website given or visit the store local to you

Would never buy a pc off the net, if u can contact the store & get advice prior to buying like & tell them wht u want like i did and see the pc in action so to speak....then i would recommend this option

Each to their own with choices etc on where u get ur pc from

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