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  simonp1 12:59 20 Nov 2004

Hello All,

Im now at the time when i need a new computer. Its mainly used for online gaming ( Although used for work to ). As speed and Graphics are the most important requirments for myself i have come to a cross roads.

Do i go for the normal AGP set up or wait for the PCI revolution. Naturally the GF industry is advancing every month, so upgrading is very much the issue here. My thoughts are to wait for the PCI to get going with decent GF cards. This should protect me for future upgrading...

Any thoughts or help would be most welcome

  Diodorus Siculus 13:15 20 Nov 2004

Depends on how much money you have...

Get a mobo with PCI Express slots as well as AGP8X (if such exists?) and you will have the option to upgrade later on.

  simonp1 13:22 20 Nov 2004

I have around £1200 to spend on a custom system. So i have plenty of options of what i can use.

  HXP 19:46 20 Nov 2004

I have just ordered a new system from Carrera AMD 64 3.7 with AGP and geoforce 6800 ultra.

They have no PCI express motherboards ( well that's what they told me ) at the moment. the xmas rush has started and delivery times are 3 weeks.

I suspect that after xmas the PCI express boards will appear in quantity so if you can wait that would seem a good option.

If you want the machine before xmas then I would check each supplier to see if PCI express is available otherwise like me stick with AGP. I will probably regret it in the long run but as I renew Pc about every 3 years my next will be PCU express.

I have also upgraded machines in the past and it has not proved that cost effective - a new high end card is £200 - £300 and that accounts for 20 - 25% of the system price on the type of machines I buy.

Having gone both ways in the past from a full CPU + graphics card + memory + HDD upgrade it seems upgrading HDD & memory are the only upgrades I will do now on a machine. Apart from that I buy a new base unit and use the same CRT from 5 years ago.

So hold on if you can ... unless you are an impetuous fool like me !

I am waiting for the PCI Express boards are manufacturered a little bit more. I am looking to about easter next year before i go and buy anything. Tis my advice, just wait..

PS if you do buy now ill still buy your machine off ya as per that convo the other nite! If not dont worry... Spotted an aldi laptop that i can get cheaper!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 16:47 21 Nov 2004

There is no such thing as a pci express motherboard for AMD processors at the moment.

Regarding whether to wait - pci express doesn't offer much more than AGP at the moment so I wouldn't fret too much.

Abit AX8 (Socket 939) PCI-Express Motherboard (MB-063-AB)
ABIT AX8 powered by VIA K8T890/VT8237 chipsets based on AMD Athlon 64/64FX Socket 939 CPU. The AX8 features SATA RAIDm Dual DDR400, PCI Express, IEEE1394 and Gigabit LAN including ABIT engineered µGuru for optimum overall system.
click here

There is such board.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:11 21 Nov 2004

Sorry - I should have been more precise - there is none available yet - although 'at the moment' should convey the same thing.

  simonp1 20:48 21 Nov 2004

Thanks for the reply's all, a head scratcher for me at the moment..still pondering..

Lo Carl, didnt know you posted when you called..the Abit looks like the options so far for myself...

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