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  neilwalker1970 20:56 26 Aug 2008


I am thinking of buying a new PC for games and photoediting. I'm not sure where to start as regards specs. I already have a 17" flat screen monitor. I also have a HP Inkjet printer but as that only seems to have parallel port connections I presume I'm going to have to replace it with one with a USB port. I really don't want to spend more than about £600 - £700 on it.

I though of going to Dell as they seem to have an after sales service. Is this any good?


  Quiet Life 23:34 26 Aug 2008

Printer. You can get adapter cables click here

  The Kestrel 15:13 28 Aug 2008

Go to Cougar systems click here and have a look at their website. If you are not sure what you want/need, I suggest you telephone them and ask to speak to Mario, the owner I think. He will talk you through with you what you need and will help you spec your PC. This company has been recommended by many members on this forum. I bought my PC from them over a year ago now and have been pleased with it and had no problems at all.

  GaT7 15:56 28 Aug 2008

For that kind of budget, minimum you should aim for is a good Intel Core 2 Duo (or quadcore) CPU & a HD 4850 graphics card. This pre-overclocked quad-core PC with a HD 4850 is £686 with an OS click here. Similar PCs here click here.

Unfortunately Dell's present 'gaming' standard PCs aren't very good for the money at the moment - i.e. unless you're willing to do a few upgrades. See my suggestion on Thu, 28/08/[email protected]:54 in this thread click here. You'll struggle to find better value than that.

Provided the PC you'll be getting has at least 1 PCI (or PCI-E) slot free, you can get a parallel port PCI/PCI-E card for your printer, e.g. PCI click here, & PCI-E click here. G

P.S. This Dell comes with a 22" monitor & all-in-one printer for £479 click here, but is out of stock at the moment. That's another PC that can be upgraded with a HD 4850 graphics card, better PSU & more RAM for ~£160

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