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  kaged 17:09 31 Jul 2008

im looking for a new pc. i havnt got much money so have been looking on ebay and have come across these ones:

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

i will be using this pc to browse the internet, msn, watching videos, listning to music and playing football manager at a high speed with many leagues running.

could someone help me to say if these are good and what are the best as i dont really no much about the specifications and what they mean.

thanks in advance

  jack 17:13 31 Jul 2008

And if you are no uptospeed with all the techo stuff#just a get a basic one that wikll do what you wantwith out the need to get too involved.

More over is you are not so fussed about the latest gizxmoes then last months model at a reduced price may serve.
If you agree with that take a look at
click here

If you want a bit more than that take a look at
click here .com

  jack 17:15 31 Jul 2008

Go for this one

click here(65165)a(1426146)g(17170798)

  jack 17:17 31 Jul 2008

Here it is again and I have checked it.
click here

  kaged 17:19 31 Jul 2008

thanks for the advise but you didnt answer my question of will they be able to do the things i want and are what are the best of the ones i left links to.

  mrwoowoo 19:49 31 Jul 2008

None are good for high end gaming as i'm sure you are aware due to neither have a stand alone graphics card.
I would go for the second link in your list for the quad core processor which is great for multi tasking and will do you for a good few years.
Football manager 2008 will run on virtually any pc so the onboard graphics should be no problem for it.
Two things you may need to buy.
1. None of them seem to come with an operating system.
2.If you want to play most modern games (other tham FM 08) you will need to buy a graphics card.

  mrwoowoo 19:52 31 Jul 2008

Just to cover myself.
I'm not advising you to buy from EBAY as they all have some negative feedbacks regarding system spec advertising.
But as you've only asked which is best,that is the answer(IMHO) i have given.

  kaged 15:53 01 Aug 2008

do you think this one will be good?

click here

the fourth one down. if not is there a good one on that page?

  Zaggerman 20:37 01 Aug 2008

I've bought a PC from the company Puterz Ltd click here
and they are excellent.


  mrwoowoo 00:04 02 Aug 2008

Still no dedicated graphics card though in those ones. But as i said they will play FM 08 as it's a very low spec game.
If thats ok with you,then go for it as Zaggerman
can vouch for them.
Alternately,for about the same price,you can get one with a dedicated graphics card from Nova tech.Myself and many forum members have all happily used them for many years.
You will still need to add an operating system from Puterz Ltd or Nova tech.
click here

  Zaggerman 09:17 02 Aug 2008

True Mrwoowoo but compare the specs like for like and the Puterz Ltd ones are way ahead - even have a Blu-Ray drive. They will customize it for you too so adding a dedicated graphics card is possible. Plus 3 years warranty for free.

I don't work for them by the way just impressed with the machine I have from them :-)

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