A New Nvidia Graphics card

  Rhuddlan 00:48 09 Jan 2004

Hi there everyone, recently I have been thinking about buying a new graphics card, as my present S3 card has gone down hill and displays very poor graphics on FS2002 & 2004, also Direct X 9 doesn't support my driver, and still after updating, it doesn't support it, so I have to stick with 8.1. I choose Nvidia, as this seems to be the most popular make when it comes to graphics cards, nearly all members of my family have PC's and at least 90% of their computers seem to have Nvidia graphics cards, even some older computers have better graphics than mine, I have only 16MB and a aunt of mine has a computer a year older than mine with ME on and she has 32MB. Anyway, I was just wondering what is the best to purchase, I want to take the manufacture, amount of memory and performance into consideration, as I play on Flight Simulator's a lot, as well as James Bond 007 Nightfire, I have seen a graphics card, Nvidia Ge Force 4 priced at around £40-£45 at a website called Eclipse Computers, do you think this is good in terms of value, as it has 64 MB, not sure about the other specs, thanks for any advice given and a Happy New Year to all, Regards, Rhuddlan.

  Gaz 25 00:52 09 Jan 2004

Go for ATi Radeon mate. 9200SE's are decent for that cost, better than FX 5200.

Look on ebuyer.com for new...

ebay i have seen some very good geforce 4 TI series at great prices past few day's.... but some are new, some are used...

  District Dave 12:52 09 Jan 2004

Personally I'm using a GeForce4 4600Ti at the moment, and use FS2002 and a few other similar quite high graphics games - and it's OK, although the original installation was a nightmare; it eventually tured out to be the card and not me! It was changed by Creative under warranty without problems.

It's OK, though be warned - heat seems to be a huge problem. I've now installed a ThermalTake cooler to the card and it's now running excellently - nothing seems to provoke it into giving up!

But my son's machine's got a 64mb card in it and even this seems to struggle a bit with high graphics games.

I think I agree that I'd now go for the Radeon - this is probably next on the shopping list and my existing card will than migrate to my son's PC.

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