'new' netbook has 2yr old Event Log entries?

  bird1 12:49 17 Mar 2012

Just bought a (supposedly) new Samsung NF110 netbook, it'd been returned to supplier as unwanted gift. On first boot for me it automatically ran CheckDisk as said it hadn't previousl been closed down properly (hmmm!), amended some files, then reverted those changes due to failed Windows configuration. Finally it ran Samsung SetUp and it was about 2.5hrs before it reached the Desktop, where it ran Samsung's boot optimiser for an hour. After that the CPU was running at nearly 100% so I disabled a task called something like TrustedApps.exe and everything settled down. The netbook then hung on installing 93 microsoft updates, eventually saying they'd failed at no.92 and reverting changes. It ran CheckDisk again on boot up and FINALLY I got to my desktop, where I turned off Updates to stop it repeating the fail procedure (and also mindful of my son's laptop being completely ruined by MS 'critical' updates last year).
All seems fine now, normal boot, CPU normal, but looking at the Event Viewer there are 94 entries going back to 2009/2010/2011 (??) and of course mine from 2days ago. The netbook hasnt been out that long. Its running Win7 Starter. Does all this mean its a refurbished netbook?

  sunnystaines 13:33 17 Mar 2012

time take it back as faulty, the 2 year event log another reason too. who sold it to you.

  bremner 14:24 17 Mar 2012

Possible explanation.

Manufacturers create an image of the OS for installation to new computers.

W7 was launched in 2009 with major updates throughout 2010/2011. These would have been added to the image meaning when it was blown onto your computer old event log entries would have been on the image.

  bird1 16:59 17 Mar 2012

Many thanks for replies. Bremner, the event logs are nearly all diagnostic time-outs, some critical some just warnings and errors. Would that fit with the updates you mention?

  ened 08:35 18 Mar 2012

It certainly sounds as though you have had more problems than you should have had with a 'new' machine.

But, to clarify the 'Event Log' entries. I always put together my own machines and this current one kept crashing so I spent quite a while viewing the history.

Everything about it was new yet there were entries in the log which went back to prior to my building the machine.

These can only have come from the installation disc, therefore I would concur with bremner on that aspect of your problem.

  sunnystaines 11:07 18 Mar 2012

just looked at my samsung its a nf110 too, event view had no back entries

mine is w7 is yours xp?

  Forum Editor 13:11 18 Mar 2012

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