New MOT test for 2012

  carver 11:01 15 Jan 2012

Only just seen this and just wondered how many motorists are going to have their car fail because of say a dash board light not working or even a trailer/caravan electrical socket that doesn't work.

A woman I know has been driving for the past few months with the Electronic Stability Control light on even thought it is working so her car will fail.

  Input Overload 14:18 15 Jan 2012

Looking at the changes I agree 100% with them.

  interzone55 11:21 16 Jan 2012

*Seats It must be possible to secure the driver's seat fore and aft adjustment mechanism in two or three different positions. On electric seats the motors must move the seat fore and aft.*

So that's my Father-In-Law's Morgan failed, the driver's seat is fixed and the peddle box moves fore & aft

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:36 16 Jan 2012

I can see nothing to complain about. All sensible, safety related, requirements.

  ams4127 15:41 16 Jan 2012

I agree. The only people who should worry are those who have been ignoring lights etc. And I know several who have been doing so!

  onthelimit1 18:39 16 Jan 2012

But lights have been tested for donkey's years! Doesn't stop the bulb failing the next day.

  interzone55 20:23 16 Jan 2012

One interesting new requirement that will lead to thousands of failures is working washers for cars with High Intensity Discharge lights (those Xenon lights that dazzle you).

I've got them on my car (manufacturer fitted) and wondered why the car also had funky pop-out headlamp washers that squirt the lights every other time I wash the windows, well it seems that washers are a requirement as dirt on the lamps can lead to dangerous light diffusion.

There's loads of people with after market xenon lamps, because it's reasonably simple to fit the new lights, but I doubt that many people also go to the expense and time consuming work required to fit washers to the new lights...

  spuds 16:20 17 Jan 2012

While the government are it, perhaps they should consider a revision on road repairs and speed safety devices, that council's seem to introduce on a regular basis.

My vehicle was due for an MOT the other day, and it failed on a 'dodgy' rear spring and exhaust end box. My friend who owns and runs a garage with MOT facilities, showed me a skip with quite a number of 'under-body' parts that had been damaged via road humps and potholes etc. He said that his testers were failing more vehicles for this very reason, and perhaps the worse part, is that this damage is not being picked up until the MOT is required?.

  mark2 21:08 19 Jan 2012

There are a number of inaccuracies in that article,in the 4th paragraph he states This means that if you have any of the following problems with your car you've got until the first MOT renewal date after 1 April 2012 to get it fixed. The following failures apply now;-

Ball joint dust covers are now a fail if they allow the ingress of dirt

power steering fluid level below minimum

products on a light lens eg tinting reducing the light output

Insecure battery

Drivers seat adjustment

door opening controls, hinges and catches

missing cat converter

The other items will be applicable from April fools day.

you can view the mot testing manual here

  mark2 21:19 19 Jan 2012


I'm seeing many items such as you describe, most are not being picked up until mot time as service schedules are being ignored (owing to lack of funds) nowadays.

Extended service intervals also can cause problems too.

a visit to an mot tester's blog shows many examples.

The current thoughts of the government moving to a 4-2-2 testing period will see many more examples of the above

  spuds 00:04 23 Jan 2012

Perhaps an add-on to the subject of future MOT's!.

Not sure if a guideline as been circulated to MOT stations, but it would appear that some MOT examiner's are now advising about replacing tyres after five years, due to tyre 'degrading' whether used or not.

In 2000 it was a requirement that all tyre manufacturer's date stamped tyres with the year of manufacture. Somewhere on the tyre (after 2000) you should find a mark (as examples) like 2107, 1504 or whatever. The last two digits in the examples would mean 07= 2007 or 04= 2004. The first two digits would mean the week of the year manufactured, so 2107 would mean 21st week of 2007, and 1504 would mean 15th week of 2004.

So if your vehicle as tyres showing a date stamp of 0107 or before, then the MOT examiner might suggest replacements, even though the tyres look very sound and roadworthy?.

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