New monitor for gaming and workstation

  Cumbrian_gadgey 21:02 26 Oct 2014


My old monitor is giving up the ghost. I need a new one. I use the PC largely for word processing (I write sci-fi novels) and gaming (when I need a break from sci-fi novels).

I have a decent graphics card, a GTX750 Ti. I'd like something that does it justice. I'd heard that monitors were tuned to games or workstation use, but I can't get my head round that. If it can display the fine details of Lara Croft's hair as she vaults effortlessly through the air, surely it can display a Word document or a spreadsheet?

Anyway, what I'm after is a monitor around 21" to 24" that has HDMI, DVI-I or DVI-D connectivity, resolution at least as good as my current 1280 x 1024, if not better and I don't care if it even has speakers, let alone how good they are because I don't use them. Finally, my Iiyama monitor has really rubbish buttons and I get the sense that I am not alone here. I'd like the thing to be robust in this department (that's why I need a new monitor. The buttons have packed in and the OSD keeps popping up).

What would you all recommend for a budget of £150 or so?

  john bunyan 10:19 27 Oct 2014

Some suggestions in this thread:

Monitor thread

  john bunyan 10:56 27 Oct 2014

This one looks good- I may get it soon.

AOC Monitor

  wee eddie 11:06 27 Oct 2014

Buy the magazine, look in the back for the review roundup

  Cumbrian_gadgey 12:58 27 Oct 2014

Thanks folks.

I'll look into them.

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