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  thospot 19:22 13 May 2005

My eyesight is beginning to suffer with this old monitor so it's about time I had a new one but as usual there is so many to choose from. I wouldn't know where to start. Has anybody any ideas as to which would be the best.... Around £200. Are the ones with built in speakers more expensive because of that. I already have decent speakers. Thanks in anticipation.....

  Rayuk 19:50 13 May 2005

Many 17" tfts around for sub £200 will help your eyesight.

Stick with your speakers havnt seen[or should I say heard] a monitor with decent speakers

Todays specials at

click here
click here

  jack 19:53 13 May 2005

Get A copy of this illustrious maggie and read up the test pages, then scan the ads.
Built in speaker you can do with out thus the money goes in a better[larger?] diplay,

If your eyesight is a real problem then the money is better spent on a good old CRT one rather than the nwer flat LCD's

  thospot 20:20 13 May 2005

The price of these things has certainly come down since I last looked at them. Thanks for the links. I will have to look at the specifications and try to pick the best. It would be a guess whichever one I pick. Does any of you have any preferences for any make or model?. They all seem to have a 3 year guarantee, which is very good. Thanks for your efforts so far........

  Dumble452 08:33 14 May 2005

Got a Iiyama pro-lite E435s from here click here
I'm very pleased with it and their service was excellent.

  thospot 09:55 14 May 2005

Thanks Dumble452. I have been looking up the specs for these things and apparantly the faster the response rate is the better so is the Iiyama at 8ms a little bit slow when a lot of the others is 16ms and the new ones out now is 20ms. I know nothing about these things really. Just what I have been reading in the adverts. Perhaps you can tell me different.... Thanks for your interest......

  Diodorus Siculus 10:04 14 May 2005

8 ms response time is half that of 16 - the lower the number, the better when it comes to response times.

In general use, you will be unlikely to notice a difference between 8 an 12 or 16 ms response times.

  thospot 10:15 14 May 2005

Thanks for that Diodorus Siculus. I must have got it the wrong way round. Still I'm learning...

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