New mobile phone for £20??

  Al94 09:39 11 Nov 2003

Anyone any experience of this? click here
Seems like you could wait a long time!

  [DELETED] 10:16 11 Nov 2003

Ah, another one of those sites, like click here and click here.

I haven't tried them, and neither have many other people it seems!

  [DELETED] 12:15 11 Nov 2003

There was one of these "type" of scam's on watchdog recently. And I seem to remember a similar one going around by e-mail. Don't touch it.

  [DELETED] 13:50 11 Nov 2003

How long will I have to wait for my free mobile phone?
A number of CD-ROM sales are required to cover the cost of one free mobile phone. For example, for each Motorola V300 we need 19 CD-ROM sales. So, if you were 20th on the list for your V300, you would normally need to wait for 20x19 CD sales before your V300 is sent. If an average of 5 people per day choose the V300 then you would wait 76 days.

  Al94 13:59 11 Nov 2003

Yes I read the FAQ's too Jester2K 11, consensus so far is that it's a scam and I tend to agree, anyone know otherwise?

  [DELETED] 14:44 11 Nov 2003

I also noticed the other two websites mentioned above also have almost the exact same wording over them...

  Stuartli 17:15 11 Nov 2003

There's owt for nowt as they say in Yorkshire.

  [DELETED] 00:36 12 Nov 2003

Matrix sites are common in the States especially for the lame adverts that one sees on Ebay for 'Plasma TV for £175'. I don't care what any numpty/apologist says, they are pyramid selling. Simple maths will show that the number of people needed to push one to the top increases pyramidically. If I were in charge I would shut these dim sites down and brand the owners.


  [DELETED] 07:18 12 Nov 2003

Just to show what numbers ar required for the stages one to ten......1 person needs 4 people, 4 people need 20people, 20 people need 100, 100 need 500, 500 need 2500, 2500 need 12500, 12500 need 62500, 62500 need 312000, 312000 need 1562500, 1562500 need 7812500 and this is only ten stages...two more stages and you are approaching the population of the States.

I await any comments from people who run these matrix schemes.


  [DELETED] 07:30 12 Nov 2003

Just read the site properly and you need 19 people to get a 'free' moby (aka £400 for a phone). Sooooooo...1 needs 19, 19 need 380, 380 need 7600, 7600 need 152000, 152000 need 304000, 304000 need 60,800,000..or the population of the UK. That was only 6 stages. Scam.


  Al94 08:54 12 Nov 2003

Sounds just like a "money tree" scam that operated here last year, a few big winners at the outset and hundreds of losers later on. Caused all sorts of problems in smaller communities. Many broken friendships after people who couldn't afford it drew heavily on credit cards etc to put money into a scam where they were guaranteed big winnings!

PS You are obviously wide awake this morning Gandalf!

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