New Mesh PC problem with hard drive detection

  Nick9000 19:51 04 May 2004

Having just received my new mesh PC on Friday I seem to have an intermittent problem when booting the machine. Twice over the weekend when the machine is booting my 2 SATA RAID hard drives are not detected by the BIOS. BIOS screen shows:

Scan devices please wait....
Press tab> key into user window
Hardware initiate failed. Please check device!!

If I reboot then the drives are both detected and the machine boots fine. The first time it happenned I ignored it but after the second time I became concerned. I have run a few tests and about 1 in 6-8 boots will result in this error.
I work in IT support and so was fearful of a motherboard fault.

I have phoned tech support and they advised me to check the boot order to make sure that the machine attempts to boot from CDROM first. This was as set on the machine.

After seeing some of the PC nightmares on this forum with Mesh I became a little concerned after initially putting in my order for a new machine. I would be grateful of any advice on where I should proceed from here. If I accept an offer to repair an intermittent fault then I may get stuck in a loop of Pc returns and enginner call outs saying that they can't find anything wrong with the machine and my chance to reject the machine and source a refund getting more difficult as time goes on.

  spuds 20:22 04 May 2004

Highlight this post to [email protected] or [email protected] so that you have on record your problem, should you wish to reject the computer at a later stage.

  MESH Support 08:51 05 May 2004

I am sorry to hear of your problems with your new Mesh PC.

As spuds suggests, please email me at [email protected] remembering to include your serial number and screen name (Nick9000).


Mesh Support

  vector 12:30 05 May 2004

nic9000-Are you sure the your problem is the hard drive? I had similar problem and it turned out to be virus.

I called the technical support line and was told it was software error and to call the software support line.

iI called them up and they were able to help me straight away.

The amazing thing this was at 11.30 at nighttime. i thought i was going find out what time they would be opening next morning.

I have mesh computer of course and my family is in love with it.


  Nick9000 13:16 05 May 2004

Vector - Thanks for the advice but I have not even setup internet access on the new machine yet and not installed any additional software so I don't think it can be that. I appreciate the suggestion anyway

  Mister Splendid 19:37 05 May 2004

SATA hdd cables do not have very good connectors unless you have Western digital drives and use thier Secure Connect cable. HDD vibration seems to be enough to cause the plug at the hdd to move just a tad, enough to disrupt the connection. A small piece of adhesive tape seems to work very well. Solved the same problem for me.

  Nick9000 19:52 06 May 2004

Mister Splendid, Thanks for your suggestion. Currently Mesh support believe it is a BIOS issue but their suggestions so far have not resolved the problem. Davey and one of his support team have been in contact and have been very helpful ,but there is no out of office support so it's a case of 'try this when you get home'.

  accord 20:20 06 May 2004

i had a similar problem with my Mesh when i purchased it some 18 months ago. I was advised by Technical to update BIOS which i didnt do as i thought this was abit extreme, instead i replaced IDE cables and all is well.

  Nick9000 20:47 06 May 2004

Thanks for everyones suggestions so far. I hope it is as simple as reseating the connections or replacing the cable. Though I won't open the case until advised by support team at this early stage in case I reject the machine. I thought the BIOS issue was unlikely as surely this would be affecting other PC's that mesh are producing that use the same motherboard and SATA Hard drive setup.

  fishyfingers 10:39 07 May 2004

Thanks to vector, I got my MS Word problem sorted. It appears that Mesh -do- offer out of office support albeit for software and hardware purchased elsewhere only.

I was on the phone to them for a couple of minutes around 8ish last night.

Has anyone tried calling them at 2 in the morning yet? :)

Thanks again vector, and sorry to Nick9000 for this mini hijack.

  Nick9000 14:42 07 May 2004

I have just been on the phone to Mesh tech support as I had been getting quite anxious that this issue got progressed. When I phoned them one of the support guys said he would arrange to have the hard drives swapped out. I just advised him that in view of the intermittent nature of the problem, I was not prepared to have a machine going back and forth from a workshop with the issue unresolved for any length of time as intermittent faults are a pain to find. I said that if a hardware repair is required I would reject the machine and request a refund (Its a week old today). I advised that I would be happy for a new base unit to be built for me instead. To Mesh's credit they have agreed to do this with no problems. As soon as they receive the base unit back they will authorise for a new one to be built. Supposedly this will take 2-3 days.

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