New look Dabs...

  powerless 23:54 04 Oct 2003

click here

(was beta'd)

  powerless 00:58 05 Oct 2003

...and to mark the occasion i just did my first EVER online purchase from dabs!

  AndySD 07:49 05 Oct 2003

Congrats Powerless

You sholdent have any problems with Dabs. I have been using them since they were in an old army shed in Woking 5-6 years ago, with no problems.

  mikef. 11:00 05 Oct 2003

About time, let's be honest the old site was a mess to navigate around.

  Gaz 25 17:33 05 Oct 2003

Complete with NO log-out button.

  Chris the Ancient 18:23 05 Oct 2003

That they do just as efficient a job with their returns department! If ever anything needed updating, it's that bit.

If I was really sad, I'd research in the forum just how many complaints there have been about that area!



  powerless 19:29 05 Oct 2003

Top right 4 TFT - Description has it as 17 incher CRT! I'll forgive them for that one... ;-))

"Awaiting Packing"

  Al94 19:46 05 Oct 2003

6 weeks three days later, I'm still waiting return of a warranty repair Actiontec ADSL Wireless Modem Router purchased at the end of March 2003.
I am seriously unimpressed with their quality of after sales customer care and will not purchase any hardware from them in the future. I'm sending a recorded delivery letter tomorrow to the directors as email responses are vague and unhelpful, giving them 7 days to return it repaired or a new replacement. It will be Small Claims Court thereafter if no satisfactory response.
I have never had this sort of issue in the past when purchasing hardware from sources other than distance purchasing.

  powerless 19:51 05 Oct 2003

Cannot even reach dabs now :-(

  Djohn 20:50 05 Oct 2003

Just tried it and white page came up, clicked on refresh and there it was! ;o)

  powerless 21:05 05 Oct 2003

ITs all blank here.

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