The New Lidl Pc

  Hamish 19:50 11 Nov 2003

Has anyone seen the advert for the Targa Visionary XP 3000+ due to be sold by the firm Lidl ( mainly base in Scotland & north of England}. It is a base only but the specs sound very good. Any opinions please as I am planning to upgrade

  spuds 20:33 11 Nov 2003

Just done a Google click here search 'Targa Visionary XP 3000+'. Quite a lot of German information came up. So I went to page two,first and second item of page for click here. clicked on translate page, and a good piece of info turned up. Don't know if that is what you are seeking.

  spuds 20:37 11 Nov 2003

Suggest you do not use the second link for www .ciao .com ,but go to this page via google link.

  BackSlash 21:51 11 Nov 2003

I'm not sure what the others on this board feel about them, but I reccommend Time. They're way ahead of PC World for specs, simply because they use Athlon processors instead of Pentiums etc. Compare Lidl's spec to theirs - click here

Also, I have a friend in IT who claims PC World's CyberMaxx Pc range are great value for money if you want a P4 (3.06GHz with all the extras for about a grand)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:03 12 Nov 2003

CyberMaxx = Medion.


  Stuartli 09:06 12 Nov 2003

Time may appear on the surface to be good value for money.....:-)

The CyberMaxx range is, if I remember correctly, another brand name for Medion products (in turn mostly rebranded) - certainly the specs are very similar, but Aldi normally charges less for Medion versions.

  Al94 10:22 12 Nov 2003

at the risk of sounding negative, if you buy from Aldi or Lidl, what happens if you have a problem with the kit?

  TBH1 10:41 12 Nov 2003

Al94 - -if you have a problem with a PC bought from Aldi, you get support from Medion- - - and I have heard no bad things about Medion PC support

  Stuartli 11:18 12 Nov 2003

There have been one or two negative reports about Lidl, but never about Aldi.

  BackSlash 13:11 12 Nov 2003

Stuartli - What do you mean about Time? Have yo heard of any problems with their machines?

  Stuartli 13:46 12 Nov 2003

Time (a search in these forums will help you) doesn't always use the latest and greatest components etc - it keeps prices down by various methods.

For a basic machine it's OK - in fact my first system was a £1,300 Pentium 100 based Time back in 1996 - but you can do very much better for very, very little more.

Remember, if you want to pay the same price or less for a system than elsewhere that also includes cameras, scanners, printers etc something, somewhere has to suffer.

It's better to acquire a high quality system and buy scanners, printers etc separately - prices are very reasonable these days for such items.

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